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@VijeMiller · 699d
Women, minorities, Socialists demand authority .. and in that time America faces disease, pestilence and devaluation. The greatest weapon Arabs thrust upon America was intimidating us to pretend to give a shit. #debugus

@VijeMiller · 700d
There is inherent risk in literally any thing. A vaccine may result in a cadre of side effects .. and one of the most common side effects is preventing the disease it is vaccinating against. A bookie would favor the risk. #debugus

@VijeMiller · 709d
Considering that Biden only knows him self, his friend Willy and the boys down at the pub who fondle any thing that moves .. then he is mentally-technically correct about white men the cause of abuses on women. #DebugUS

@VijeMiller · 709d
hash tag Treason

@VijeMiller · 710d
A hallucinogenic abused for novelty may have negative effects?! Next you will attempt to convince me that power and greed are synonymous and women require peni to procreate. Blasphemy! #DebugUS

@VijeMiller · 710d
Elon brushes aside the scorn as he deducts his tax breaks from the tax breaks imposed atop tax breaks from tax breaks to permit a project funded by tax payers. #DebugUS

@VijeMiller · 711d
America: where being taxed 37% on a spent 1.00$ equates to 150,000,000$+ .. then again taxed on every following 1.00$ spent, indefinitely. #DebugUS

@VijeMiller · 714d
Papa John's fired it's CEO and replaced him with a serious candidate that has nothing to do with pretending that token catering to the black race is now an American past-time; Shaq. #DebugUS

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