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@pkvi · 5d
Ayh too would spend 44B$ without having first had spent oh say 100,000 on having an analyst first study how many accounts on Twitter were fake by running a simple algorithm that already exists. (._.)> #Discrepancies

@pkvi · 21d
The US slavery narrative has some glaring holocaust level logistics discrepancies. Slavery was more prominent in the South which accounted for only 29% of the population --> implying then ~8% of the South enslaved 2% of the total US population. (≖_≖ )

@pkvi · 128d
Not even going to go back in my miters to early hoaxdemic to demonstrate how often we warned you about data discrepancies like with/from ..but you were warned. The cope this Gregorian year will be a deceptive vapid whiplash.

@pkvi · 141d
Seeing as the NYT is now reporting influenza has returned "on schedule", here is a collage ayh crafted back in early 020 to highlight CDC discrepancies re: influenza data collection, immediately upon the shutdown explosion of "covid". #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 197d
Even if the not-a-vaccine was sincere, the discrepancies in data and behavior from government, media and pharma, since before the hoax and every day since, provides evidence that there will be medical consequences for most injected, short/long term.

@pkvi · 249d
Discrepancy of Summer cohoax respiratory spread claims (spike) in 020 and 021, with testing contrasting normal conditioning of influenza being "seasonal", you come to realize that influenza is not seasonal aka how Big Pharma conquered the Sun -->

@pkvi · 334d
Find the doctors and nurses who are still testing and forwarding influenza data --> compare their political temperment and cohoax results and/or PCR procedures and third party lab facilities. Discrepancies abound.

@pkvi · 376d
Have spent the last 15 years stating this very fact with a critical scrutiny of foundational discrepancies in spatial modeling.. but aym not qualified to opine, according to a "friend".

@pkvi · 452d
Meanwhile in bizarro world --> complaining about refining the discrepancies leftists refuse to permit scrutiny of .. for reasons *wink*.. that no one can validate with anything other than "hey, just cuz you lost.. cut it out." +26M

@pkvi · 452d
Cuomo under the bus is going to be the angle (plot) for a covid audit which will reveal data discrepancies which gov (bad guys) will claim "we need to fix" and poof.. not their hoax. Here's your check, Ton.

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