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@pkvi · 457d
Those who once protested blatantly obvious discrepancies like Vietnam, Nicaragua or Iraq --> then today so mindlessly cater to any government led campaign like CoVID19..

@pkvi · 466d
Twitter acct posting articles from one year ago in real-time --> and as expected of this era of time a year ago, the narrative discrepancies immediately begin to mount --> 70/30 this account is shuttered the day after the Fauci 60 Minutes.

@pkvi · 474d
47 says their releasing the numbers is prep for downplaying the virus diagnosis discrepancies --> influenza numbers will be challenged next year, back peddling now is easier while 'the virus' is relevant to pivot from --> this is controlled PR.

@pkvi · 489d
Designed a refrigerator years ago (sketch) with several access points (doors) so as to reduce loss of temp based on these very discrepancies -->

@pkvi · 551d
Quantum Mechanics is the most bogus field of physics --> as it permits obvious discrepancies using impractical connectivity, transitions and speculation, demanding you recuse every gross mechanical function in nature, to achieve formula.

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