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America used to have its own method to this same charm crafted of western woods - yet went on to adopt gluttony, plastic and/or European medieval decadent opulence. Irony being that tourists and locals find charm in old western towns while harboring bitterness and cringe for grimy concrete jungles - allowing the wealthy to construct such antagonistic environments to house peasants. #EatTheRich

@pkvi · 84d
In this single mansion living room incomplete view there are roughly 45 sitting spaces (chairs and couch seats) for what would likely be less than half a dozen total residents. #EatTheRich

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Count how many chairs and/or seating places in your home. Now ratio that with how many people occupy your home. Are you subsequently a vain consumer who has wasted resources for ghost buttocks-es?! #EatTheRich

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>may ayh have some more

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