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@VijeMiller · 6d
Hey chicken, we're going to behead you now --> you're going to be an appetizer for some fat fuck who thinks meat is a precursor --> to meat. #EndAmerica

@VijeMiller · 82d
Oh oh oh oh oh ayh get it.. the #WuhanFraud was all about trying to have Antifa blend in more naturally.. the irony being it required Fascism to do it. #EndAmerica

@VijeMiller · 407d
Subtext: "white gangs are the problem" (>_ლ) .. just like how whites were the driving force behind every riot in the last .. wait .. sorry, Black Rodney Matters. #EndAmerica

@VijeMiller · 481d
Society's modern cowardice has devolved to being arrested for .. phones. Where is the the counter-snow-flake argument that being filmed against your will is harassment? Are we going to have to claim self defense, against a phone .. #EndAmerica

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