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(O.o)> the (long pause) fuck?!
Between Clinton, Weinstein, Epstein.. DNC consistently raises the passing off hardcore criminals as civility bar. #DemConvention

@VijeMiller · 49d
[skims names on #Epstein list]
FBI: Hmm, which one is the most talkative?
aaaaaannnnnd they're dead.

@VijeMiller · 49d
Ayh am way too skeptical of the elected leaders and/or tycoons to believe that anyone on the #Epstein list would be held accountable to anything other than speculation --> you honestly believe after all this murders time?!

@VijeMiller · 61d
An even more obvious question --> why is he whom was dead, uncovered? "He" needed to be seen. Where in the World is Carmen Epsteinago?

@VijeMiller · 72d
The wrong people were burning capitals..
..not enough capitals were set ablaze.

@VijeMiller · 84d
Cakes made from pans?!

@VijeMiller · 97d
Michael Jackson didn't kill himself --> shit, wait..
Jeffery Epstein.. sorry, wrong ped--wait a minute..
Was he murdered too?!
Where was Hillary that year?

@VijeMiller · 120d
"Science" articles posted in dirt rags coupled with tits and politics shd be evidence enough that there is something less credible about the findings. In brief --> nope. Multiverse theories are on par with flat-earth or Epstein not killing himself.

@VijeMiller · 236d
Kobe Bryant flying Epstein Air

Now sigh as MSM and celeb-gen defends the legacy of a basketball player and apologetic rapist and serial philanderer.

@VijeMiller · 240d
Someone who investigated or whistle-blew the Clinton Foundation was found [beat] muhr-duhred?!

Its easier to name people who were not murdered by the Clintons. Epstein.. Epstein is not [beat] one.

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