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@VijeMiller · 213d
Government: Wait, we can delete videos of deaths?!
[rummages thru JFK films]

@VijeMiller · 216d
Engineer, spatial, prisoner #Epstein opine --> pft!

Low leverage (knee/lean) would induce light asphyxiation (no bones) - if drug aided - body becoming unstable would reduce trachea/aortic pressure or defy shown lateral abrasion or elevated pooling.

@VijeMiller · 226d
MSM: FBI investigating Maxwell and others tied to Epstein.

Oh gosh, but why?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Any one want to start a "suicide pool" --
Aye have Ghislaine with a bottle of pills to the back of the head.

@VijeMiller · 231d
Drudge has always been a creep --> any wagers he was blackmailed (Epstein) in to /selling/ Report allowing an alt-party to slowly drive the dialog to suit their agenda? #QuoteMe

@VijeMiller · 233d
Going full #TinFoil --> Epstein is NOT dead.
Some things never change [see human history]
*Except Kaufman, he's definitely dead. If you believe...

@VijeMiller · 265d
Tucker matter-of-facting the comparisons of Stone vs Epstein arrest and how the government and MSM conducted themselves, demonstrating the inarguable degree of bias and corruption. That very truth is also where you find why no one is held accountable

@VijeMiller · 268d
MSM: Roger Stone was found dead in his cell today after committing suicide by poking a small hole in to the back of his head with an empty commissary package of gummy bears. The prison guards were celebrating a birthday in the bathroom at the time.

@VijeMiller · 278d
This late term abortion of celebrities and politicians is the rape of civility. Weinstein roams free. Epstein took decades. Clintonstein remains on the loose. American democracy is a fog in an era of connectivity.

@VijeMiller · 349d
NYC: "We have an exclusive still from the camera footage outside Epstein's cell at the moment of his consensual death."

@VijeMiller · 352d
MSM: "Jeffrey Epstein Used a Bullet and a Dead Cat to Intimidate Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter."

Apparently he lathered the bullet in pork before loading the cat.

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