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@VijeMiller · 21d
Are hallucinations a symptom of (believing in) CoVID-19?

@VijeMiller · 136d
CDC: 4,100+ people died from vax
(more than 20 years of vax combined)
Also CDC: Vaccines are safe and effective.

@VijeMiller · 193d

@VijeMiller · 218d
60 Minutes
Anderson Cooper
Bill Gates
Combating Mistrust in Science

@VijeMiller · 231d
MSM: Your sexual preference is your business.
Also MSM: First gay cabinet member .. #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 247d
John Hopkins Course
Compliance 102: Fear Branding

@VijeMiller · 253d
>9% approval
>52% corrupt
>79% 'out of touch'
>certifies president

@VijeMiller · 257d
Snopes: 2020 mortality rate is not yet able to be determined accurately.
Also Snopes: 322,000 people have died from CoVID19.

@VijeMiller · 259d
Leftist: My toddler has decided to be xyz.
Also Leftist: Forcing a nine year old to learn how to open a can to eat is child abuse! #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 276d
Emma Watson quits artificially posing for ludicrous sums bcz people objectify her. Acting used to be such a noble profession when it was all about clearing the north forty in time for the spring yield. #HonkHonk

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