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@VijeMiller · 7d
You can get AIDS from a toilet seat.
#HonkHonk #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 8d
Enclosed heated dining spaces.. if we only had such things already constructed that reduced the need for excess waste --> #HonkHonk #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 14d
A healthy distrust of politicians apparently causes diseases to be more aggressive murderers --> Sweden must be the most obedient peoples. #CovidAudit #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 33d
This dick licker walks two feet on camera in a mask, then immediately takes it off so as to demonstrate his consistency of message. #HonkHonk #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 34d
This old man has been in Congress longer than most protesters have been alive --> looks to him for change. #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 36d
GMA is as lefty shock MSM as it gets as they top the hour w/ an unsubstantiated "800,000 dead" followed by a melodramatic "never in my lifetime" (he's 30) storm.. and protest against cops in LA and RNC. Amnesia of destroying CO. #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 38d
The high majority of New York City's plans for aiding small businesses is rolling back the very regulations, fees and fines that have made it near impossible for businesses to operate in New York City in the first place. #HonkHonk #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 53d
(>_ლ) .. it suggests that resistance to herd immunity will result in managing hospitalizations, required due to resistance to herd immunity. #honkhonk #wuhanfraud

@VijeMiller · 57d
America is in store for several waves of cases bcz #honkhonk we let anti-science leftists play scientist rather than just send liberals to their room w/o supper. This is on us --> #WuhanFraud #lim

@VijeMiller · 58d
>mlb kneels for liberal blm
>mlb obeys liberal coronavirus
>mlb cancelled

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