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@VijeMiller · 234d
Clowns are in the least frightfully entertaining and employed to do so -- they do not deserve the scorn of #HonkHonk when mocking Leftism. Liberalism already has an emblem worthy of their character -- a jackass. #HeeHaw

@VijeMiller · 256d
Ana Avocado Muddler: These negros could not possible favor Trumf, unless its these ridiculous negros. Surely they respect us more, we treat them with respect derp.


@VijeMiller · 257d
Leftist: ...every country but America!
Tucker: Why shd aye care?
Leftist: ... every one in every where cares.
Tucker: But aye don't live there, aye live here.

@VijeMiller · 287d

@VijeMiller · 405d
Colors are more beautiful when separate. #honkhonk #pride

@VijeMiller · 417d

@VijeMiller · 438d
"news" "crime" #honkhonk
To those over the age of 40; can you imagine having been arrested or fired for laughing at the circus freaks? Bearded fat woman?! How dare you ignorantly misunderstand all those things on a person that shdn't be.

@VijeMiller · 453d
Transsexual is retardation.
Transgender is cosplay.
Transmission is a break from freak show.

@VijeMiller · 458d
(>_ლ) .. "Labels are bigoted .. so here are 47 of them you can use to uniquely identify me as the first .. hash tag unique first. Ignore the first 3,000 years of theater, k?!" #honkhonk

@VijeMiller · 458d
(>_ლ) .. while in this #honkhonk world, the scent of a successful beautiful strong independent woman spectrums from halibut to sturgeon.

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