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@VijeMiller · 21h
Slowly being pill'd that its sterilization.
Still uncertain which plot is the original plot.
Leftism is a fog clouding the upper tier's sleight of hand.

@VijeMiller · 1d
2/2 Imagine tolerating a city dweller who claims to hate nature --> to then in the same mind advocate about climate change and social inclusion .. which require a respect and understanding of nature. Leftism is a retardation.

@VijeMiller · 5d
Defiance of nature is what we called religion --> elites ushering leftism to erase history and nature are by result creating their own religion. God$ of men, Caesar?

@VijeMiller · 6d
Oh the irony that these people were the leaders of distrusting government agendas and poisons --> today are the very culture we perceive as supporting every establishment doctrine. Leftism itself seems like a modern psy-op.

@VijeMiller · 8d
>eur medical cheap
>why not america?
>france 47% income tax
Leftism is capitalistic critical thinking lazy -->
..a form of retardation.

@VijeMiller · 21d
>Pearl Milling Company
Phew.. thank you leftism for removing black emblems from a token society --> we're almost ther--what?! It was to support.. blacks?! Oh ho ho no, no. (O.o)>

@VijeMiller · 22d
>desantis resists
>leftists sanction
Once the secession begins, we shd occupy Disney World and cast out the leftism that has perverted the vision Walt once held sacred --> and/or Typhoon Lagoon will be #pfs' base of operations.

@VijeMiller · 37d
Monkey elites like Jacob B. Rothspanzee will resort to--you know what, ayh think today is a swell day for an internet break. Country-wide internet shutdowns shd be mandatory once a month --> leftism would lose its grip ever so gently each time.

@VijeMiller · 140d
2/2 The wider perspective of the game --> leftism is radical nonsense to cater to dumbing down society while rightists have been bullied into a sense of fear to retaliate. It does not matter whom you elect or advocate for --> they are in control.

@VijeMiller · 217d
RBG has had more surgeries than a patient becoming a cyborg.
101011010111010010001 is binary for male-trans abortions.
Wait.. there is no binary --> leftism can't digital.

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