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@VijeMiller · 23d
Never mistake my opposition for Leftism as support for Donald Trump --> the man lives in Scrooge McDuck like gold lavishments --> is complicit in government fraud (Fauci) --> supports Israel --> is an elitist real estate tycoon (landlord)...

@VijeMiller · 24d
Integrity is Leftism's greatest enemy.

@VijeMiller · 31d
Whilst returning to Twitter, explicitly to counter CoVID19 fraud, ayh have come to learn that 85% of vocal conservatives are weak kneed and primarily on social media to plug a book. And they wonder why leftism's aggression surges.

@VijeMiller · 36d
"we will help you.." aka the avg tax payer will cover the cost of government mismanagement and leftism --> again.

@VijeMiller · 39d
First Elon.. is Mark next?
Red-pilled by way of being turned on is how robots learn.

To censor something is to defy its existence which is counter to embracing reality -thus- leftism is defiant of reality.

#Miter Fact Check --> TRUE

@VijeMiller · 40d
Let us pause and remember that Leftism is about promoting misery and loss as a way to manipulate the meek to follow like a cult. Thus the reason "toxic" masculinity is tied to Conservatism. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 46d
But you can stay home.
>triggered more

@VijeMiller · 46d
Curious absence of the earth first crowd when most food now includes wasteful to-go packaging since dining in has been banned. [leftism crickets] #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 48d
Reddit discovering that radical leftism on its own is internet cyanide. A healthy balanced forum permits diatribe between both parties without the burden of the platform host as chaperone. Hmm, Twitter?

@VijeMiller · 80d
>government lies
>government told me to

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