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@VijeMiller · 419d
Oh gosh
Oh no
Plz don't attack government website that no one visits and never work and contribute nothing to society
Oh no

If Iran wants to really rustle jimmies -- take down Instagram, Gmail and Twitter and leftism wou--aye mean Americans oh gosh.

@VijeMiller · 424d
NYC leftism legal system summed up with "released w/o bail". SF can cover their streets in feces -- NYC ups the challenge by making feces bipedal.

@VijeMiller · 435d
Clowns are in the least frightfully entertaining and employed to do so -- they do not deserve the scorn of #HonkHonk when mocking Leftism. Liberalism already has an emblem worthy of their character -- a jackass. #HeeHaw

@VijeMiller · 436d
What kind of cesspool is NYC and Leftism? Some officials are blaming Tessa Majors for not just simply surrendering her possessions to the negro teenagers who killed her. Additionally they are suggesting that shd you be robbed, comply. #EndTheLeft

@VijeMiller · 448d
If you wish a keen perspective to the insanity of leftism - on Reddit aye proposed (commented) the Federal government ask citizens how to spend their taxed income on foreign interests - in the same vain as say a proposition - it was downvoted.

@VijeMiller · 455d
2010: Police are racist and shd wear body cameras to protect black and brown civil rights.
-Several million recorded black and brown crimes later-
2020: Police shd stop wearing body cameras bcz it violates black and brown civil rights.


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