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@VijeMiller · 13d
3/2 Direction and editing is punch a hole in the wall terrible, childish, amateurish. Absence of O'Quinn .. no, sir. Lance remains Frank and yet, some writers drew my hesitation to want to see Frank again. #Millennium

@VijeMiller · 13d
2/2 Scott hired on principle rather than diversity quotas is evidence of when black actors were more sincere and talented. If being black is difficult in society then should not the actor have to equally struggle to be genuine? #Millennium

@VijeMiller · 13d
#Millennium after the Millennium is a terrible documentary. A whiplash of direction was far too distracting, deviating from the desire of the fan to see the production of the show, not only its ethos. That aside --> Spotnitz is insightful and 1/2

@VijeMiller · 16d
'Millennium After the Millennium' trending on torrent sites is both remarkable and satisfying --> as we only have so many years remaining for Lance (80) to perform one final Frank Black on film. SyFy, you have been warned made aware!

@VijeMiller · 467d
#InArcadiaEgo is one of my favored Millennium episodes -- what does this have to do with #OakIsland? Am aye supposed to pay attention to every dipshit who overlays random art atop boulders that no one on Earth at the time could have seen?!

@VijeMiller · 701d
The scene is set like this: Vije watches #Millennium 2X01 - ponders a dramatic series of #TVShow episodes for Series 5 - recalls the inferior video equipment available to him - sours. Ponders more aggressive solutions dot dot dot

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