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@pkvi · 203d
Wrote code to map segments (ex. 15 pixels each) of an addressable led strip and randomize the order --> applied to a block shelving display.

@pkvi · 260d
Dev 109022
(5) #TVShow in pre-
(2) engineering projects (+1 dev)
(3) #Millworks features in beta

@pkvi · 260d
#Miter Update 109022
1. .JPG tolerance
Dev Note(s): 'quotes' with link/img/video

@pkvi · 268d
#Miter Update 101022
- include .webp tolerance

@pkvi · 271d
#Miter Update 98020
- search function improved

@pkvi · 282d
#Miter Update 87022
1. log file update
2. favicon changes


@pkvi · 284d
#Miter Update 85022
1. admin login log

@pkvi · 287d
Argument for why right third controls are greater than lower third controls for non-mobile (possibly also mobile) --
1. left/right -to greater dexterity than up/down -to
>try it -- move mouse u/d then l/r
>user is not attacking multiple buttons l/r
>individual attack precision improved l/r
2. scrolling (wheel) for scrubbing thru timeline
3. line of sight less obscured
4. similar spatial functionality to graphic editors
#Millworks needs a video player.
#Bevel will likely utilize this layout.

@pkvi · 318d
#Miter Update 51022
1. upload insert bug fix

@pkvi · 333d
#Miter Update 36022
1. meta description -> bio
2. menu table

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