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@VijeMiller · 1d
Moments ago in the 'black hole' --> drive by shooting, eight (maybe nine) rounds --> 10+ minutes before police arrived w/o any sense of urgency and here ayh am with a 'yeah well' expression bcz the people, city and expectations are shit. #NYC
@Vije Miller · 1d
Crazy black woman just wildly shouted "you're in a black hole" as ayh passed a Brooklyn housing projects. Appropriate perspective.. in both scientific models of either destroying matter or transporting it.. leaving devastation where it resides. #NYC

@VijeMiller · 8d
93% --> mechanical and electrical engineer who developed tactile VR, farmer, eco-fwd-minded, anti-mask/covid hysterics despite manipulative surroundings, and bi-partisan enough to have been threatened by Trump. Hell, 94%!
@Vije Miller · 8d
#TheSwamp is worth your time. Rep. Massie has 90% of my support --> the last 10% is allowance for the general distrust for Congressmen, compounded by this film.

@VijeMiller · 12d
/pics or it didn't happen/ (._.)
@Vije Miller · 12d
Minor observation but unless Col. Sack of Shit is left-handed --> then when "bin Laden" popped his head out, rifle up would be left shoulder forward which would mean his last shoulder patch sighted (for some reason) would be a div patch. (o~o)

@VijeMiller · 14d
Welp, #Miter is in the Arctic Vault --> sans numerous new features.

@VijeMiller · 14d
#Miter #Stockyard would aggregate and store feeds after importation not host feeds thus if Miter opted to block or remove a feed or miter, it would not be deleted --> the user hosts their own account. This makes Miter impervious to censorship.

@VijeMiller · 18d
..but they didn't. They were leftists or so desperate to comply that they bullied themselves out of business. #WuhanFraud
@Vije Miller · 62d
Majority of restaurants in NYC will close one month after reopening --> realizing too late that they can not accommodate the irresponsible and fraudulent capacity mandates. Restaurateurs shd begin spreading the low severity data (0.02%). #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 18d
Elon Musk is back on the board -->
Never abandon awareness of his predilections for freaks.
@Vije Miller · 19d
nCoV2 has altered my mortal enemies list greatly --> as people showed their true colors in a 'crisis' manufactured or otherwise. Elon Musk has dropped several spots while Bill Gates has been elevated to top three.. no tin foil necessary.

@VijeMiller · 23d
You may find previous miters quipping of how #NYC is a country off the coast of America.. welp, now..

@VijeMiller · 28d
Shd be noted that with the independent infrastructure of #Miter (future tense) then users could not be hacked in unison --> only individually and on independent host networks located in miscellany locations around the world.

@VijeMiller · 28d
Imagine now having to prove your identity or status to purchase goods --> the poor inevitably locked into programs that could distress funds the moment of outages. This is a tactic to change culture and manipulate money, not improve safety.
@Vije Miller · 28d
Further down the rabbit hole of the open villainous goal of the left and right to control you --> you will be allowed to access your money shd you follow our terms and agreements. #WuhanFraud

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