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@VijeMiller · 13d
Twitter versus Miter
Twitter: Disobedience = Banishment
Miter: Disobedience = ~(O_o)~
#Miter (Stockyard platform) does not host your content therefore only you are accountable for your disobedience. #SomeDay

@VijeMiller · 14d
Here is my thought process on #Miter private messages or contact forms --> let the contactor do the server heavy lifting by using their webmail as opposed to local server use and abuse. There /will/ be a contact page just not sure of the function yet

@VijeMiller · 18d
Challenging a dope who touched his mask to now take off the contaminated mask is a fun exercise in exerting one's dominance. #WuhanFraud
@Vije Miller · 18d
As per usual, morons attempting to perpetuate obedience, begin to lax behavior over time and do quite literally everything to discredit reason to do what they are told. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 18d
Interesting (no its not) how #Twitter's trending was consistently an aggregation of terms.. right up until the day after #Obamagate trended with 3M tweets, had it became CoVID-19 updates, promotions and 1 celebrity reference. (O.o)> #Miter

@VijeMiller · 22d
Ugh. Effectively admitting that to date the CDC and state numbers have been fudged.. demanding an audit of all CoVID-19 certificates of death -->

@VijeMiller · 24d
#Miter Update --> 054020
1. profile changes
2. onclick image expand (feed)
3. aesthetic changes

@VijeMiller · 27d
Just decided to add a thread counter in a drop-down element --> will not count against the characters and will highlight as a marker automatically. Linking is the issue.. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 29d
Focused on adding new features to #Miter this week including a drop down panel for miter inputs and main page image expansion on-click --> thx to the last month of posting countless images.

@VijeMiller · 34d
There is a decent chance that he believes that ayh just attempted to murder him by speaking in their general direction. And this is disheartening.. bcz it demonstrates just how easily indoctrinated people are regardless of status and wealth. #Rubies
@Vije Miller · 34d
>park ave is empty
>couple, masked
Vije: Do you think an extra cloud of virus is just randomly floating around and you might walk in to it? Idiots.
Idiot Man: Yeah, it just did.

@VijeMiller · 36d
Update #Miter --> 041020
1. added textarea autosize.js
2. added/replaced placeholders
3. [beta] contact form
4. added twitter embed via twitframe

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