@VijeMiller · 28d
A leftist shall preach endlessly that all humans share the same values .. and they do .. preservation of their own. The issue leftists ignore is that one breed will side with another when pressured with cohabitation.
@Vije Miller · 42d
Never turn your back on a nigger.

@VijeMiller · 30d
This, indefinitely.
@Vije Miller · 42d
Never turn your back on a nigger.

@VijeMiller · 30d
#Miter shd see 3 new features/updates and a potential RSS aggregation (beta) to begin rationalizing the hub and subscription platform (Stockyard)
@Vije Miller · 30d
Aggressively planning out the next 35 days to include completing potentially 10 new #TVShow episodes of which 2 are engineering projects.

As far as personal adjustments --> absolute shit show. Have conducted one's self better when homeless or jailed

@VijeMiller · 38d
2/2 Answer: The people surrounding the 'diverse area'. You see, the entrepreneur will entrepreneur -- he's not going to choice civilization but instead apply to it. Diverse groups are leeches. Citizens decide the culture and success of the area --
@Vije Miller · 38d
Imagine you are a white entrepreneur looking for real estate -- but these days there are so many 'diverse' groups that you feel less inclined to build properties that will be abused for a loss, so you build a grey drab block. Who's at fault? 1/2

@VijeMiller · 41d
DEV 297 019
1. Arduino Weather Project
2. Miter --> Panels
3. Miter --> Profile
4. TVShow 5X26
5. Salt Shaker Project (?)

@VijeMiller · 42d
Intent on completing the /panels/ update to #Miter -- the update will include table layout for files/images including file size. #staytuned

@VijeMiller · 42d
Now David Muir is reporting on his appearance on Jeopardy and then showing (retweeting) positive tweets about his appearance. Humble social media account @WorldNewsTonight but w/o the @ symbol.
@Vije Miller · 43d
#WorldNewsTonight is now more social media account than news broadcast. They just ran (repost?) a viral video that they had literally no information on.. but you have to appear in touch with users.. aye mean viewers.

@VijeMiller · 44d
Adding some new features to #Miter today and tomorrow --> including an attempt to give a modern fluid appearance - rounded corners (ugh) and better initial color scheme (not my skill-set) -and- adding a profile header for compliance with #Stockyard

@VijeMiller · 55d
2/2 Any neighboring country that endangers domestic boundaries with raised sediments, will be considered a threat and appropriate military action will be conducted immediately. #pfs #dod #dos
@Vije Miller · 55d
Humans, the scourge above and below. Someone/thing shd really stop these human beings from being.

#pfs will not dredge seafloors for minerals -- seeing as surface mining is suitable for adequate life styles; diamonds are social-fraud. #dos #doc 1/2

@VijeMiller · 57d
Next major #Miter project is creating individual files and ordering for menu panels. In the meantime --> >greentext (ish)

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