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@VijeMiller · 15d
#Miter Update --> #200021
1. folder/file name changes
2. minor bug (upload)
3. warning: requires data adjustment(s)

@VijeMiller · 16d
Coding a #Miter update after a long hiatus.
Major folder-name change for novice users.
This then requires a full file-system update.
Testing tonight, publish tomorrow. #201021

@VijeMiller · 20d
Don't slow motion a war film, especially for the build up to climax. The ethos of any battle is the relentlessness, exhaustion and unknowns. A good war film shd stay consistent from first contact to standing down. Slow motion disengages immersion.
@Vije Miller · 20d
Travis Fimmel is Australian and yet his Australian accent sounds terribly fake in #DangerClose. It is one of the consequences of character acting in a series to fame. He will die Ragnar. He needs a script writer whom recognizes this.

@VijeMiller · 29d
8,329 miters @ 1.94 mb
191 tenons @ 440 kb
After several years of #miter testing, it is hard to quash it as a terrible attempt. Certainly the absent companion feed is wanting tho the xml feed is accessible. Some desire for more nerd analytics.

@VijeMiller · 29d
>mashing the buttons
@Vije Miller · 29d
The division between
SARS-2 is real (99.9987% tho)
SARS-2 is fake (RT/PCR label scam)
is a roadblock to organizing truth online
We can not win diplomatically w/o consensus
So we will have to win alternatively by force
#RefundTour #pfs

@VijeMiller · 30d
2/2 There is no culture or country without adhering to loyalty and honor for and from each other. Without that.. you have no example of civilization to advocate from. That is the the anarchists' capitalism so often scorned. #pfs
@Vije Miller · 30d
There is no perfect economic solution. Closest you may find to a sense of security is by cultivating a confidence in your community and country. Without the trust of others in your realm, then you are abandoned to chance and endure threats. 1/2

@VijeMiller · 32d
Be happy to be paid what you are worth, not what you believe you are entitled to. Work harder to earn more. Acquire a new skill to become more valuable. When income does not meet spending then perspective first falls on your lifestyle.
@Vije Miller · 32d
Sure, a CEO can give profits to employees --> of course when you have to tighten the belt for the biz to survive or to expand to create greater revenue.. or even to reward hard work and ownership, guess who will resist when asked to surrender income?

@VijeMiller · 34d
47 bucks says MSM turns on pharma to cater to blacks.
@Vije Miller · 34d
Dems thought they lost the black vote before; rappers and basketball players are now joining Minaj in disapproving of the forced injection. Thusly, white people who rushed to the needle are less critical thinkers than black rappers [slow clap]

@VijeMiller · 38d
For this reason --> ayh intend to fuck shit up.
Does that need clarification? #pfs
@Vije Miller · 38d
The fact that 009 (2009) (or 999 (1999g)) could not be replicated today is a large % of my hostility. There must be someone of my demeanor in the comparative age group per each era, that is unreachable of the comforts and musings due to conspiracy.

@VijeMiller · 43d
Where is the ACLU? Perhaps we should ask the Puerto Rican Bronx Jewish ACLU president who started with the Rockefeller Foundation. (>_ლ)
@Vije Miller · 43d
LAPD: Do you know why ayh stopped you?
Citizen: No sir.
LAPD: You were going 55 in a 45. Ayh need to see your license and registration and Twitter.
Citizen: Ayh don't have a Twitter.
LAPD: Step out of the car please.

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