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@pkvi · 10d
Gobsmacked all these years later, after having now edited some 255 mediocre #TVShow episodes using modern technology (Premiere, After Effects, etc), by the subtle visual effects layered on #MoulinRouge, edited some 22 years ago. You would never think twice of a seemingly insignificant shadow over-laid on a green screened character, but it adds such depth and texture -- done with ~(°-°)~ magic(?!). They still supplemented 8mm in-camera editing and projection splicing where my friend was going to film school at the time.

@pkvi · 10d
Will never reconcile with the knowledge that the Director of Cinematography (Donald McAlpine) of Predator and Mrs. Doubtfire went on to #MoulinRouge, tho ayd imagine it must have been like working for Tim Burton where you are more of a stage hand accommodating Baz's abstract storyboards than painting the scene yourself. Medicine Man is also on my list. One would hope he could blame his agent for derailing him after Moulin Rouge bcz it is all dog shit after. He is 88 and still doing it!

@pkvi · 10d
Ayh still struggle to accept the opinion of another whom claims they dislike #MoulinRouge. While it is unquestionably a sensory overload, it hardly starves of being an extraordinary cinematic experience. It is a production that provokes jealously in a film-maker, pause of a connoisseur and quotable inflection from an audience. To this day ayh hear several particular words in such cadences.

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