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@VijeMiller · 2d
Defending NYC is like a fatso claiming 'well, cancer does make you skinnier.'

@VijeMiller · 3d
"NY Tough" is a comical propaganda --> ayh have held people at gun point who had more courage and resistance than 99.8% of the people of NYC. No where in America have people bent over and spread more willingly. Rename it The Big Pillow Bite.

@VijeMiller · 3d
Thousands of cars moved, idling, polluting.. to street sweep so thoroughly that you could eat off it.. if you are a pigeon or crow with low standards. NYC is a retarded place.

@VijeMiller · 12d
DC and NYC are epicenter for narratives but the real cure requires patriots of every state and every city to crush local news. Not enough attention is paid to the 10,000+ local news propagandists. #Tier3

@VijeMiller · 34d
#DeposeDeBlasio Day

Momentary delusion as temporary mayor of New York City following the removing of Heir Wilhem. First act would be to make NYC a sovereign state, free of the rule of Heir Cuomo.

@VijeMiller · 35d
Lefty NYC clown house pleas for sales [beat] despite being a millionaire NYC building owner. Middle-minded tweeters eviscerate. Enjoy (._.)

@VijeMiller · 58d
Having lived in #NYC, leftists are right to make genders more fluid --> men have become more meh than men.

@VijeMiller · 66d
MTA may shut down entirely seeing as their ridership is mostly comprised of the thing they banned --> which explains the decades of delay. #NYC

@VijeMiller · 68d
What is the Javits Tax?
Since April 2005 (g) NYC has charged a tax of 1.50$ per hotel room to fund the 'expansion of the Javits Center'.
Javits Center is a convention center that was most recently used to aide zero patients of CoVID19.
@Vije Miller · 68d
our government is not corrupt

@VijeMiller · 73d
(>_ლ) ..if not a landslide, swamp. Shrinks likely to open TDS therapy for profit centers thru out NYC.

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