@VijeMiller · 209d
12V usb wort?! What the sweat feathery fuck?! This subsequently led to frying a NodeMCU and a 360 degree mod servo - requiring a dismantling and remantling of the NPTAF (no longer Arduino) rig. The CEO who permitted a 12V usb wort shd be quartered.

@VijeMiller · 210d
TVShow 5X08 NodeMCU Voice Bin Lid

@VijeMiller · 214d
Browsers do not like being sent data. #NodeMCU can be configured to response to a url -- apparently tho, browsers will re-send the url if no data is sent to the browser which subsequently re-functions. [tip] client.print any thing in html.

@VijeMiller · 270d
Updated #NodeMCU BT flash paper .. uh .. fireier?!

@VijeMiller · 270d
Re-mulligan the NodeMCU BT Flash Paper project to make it more remote/portable.

@VijeMiller · 278d
Development (60019)
Miter : dev settings page : app
TVShow : 5X04 NodeMCU Curtains
Project PTAF : TVShow 5X??
pfs : SITREP 1X01

@VijeMiller · 279d
More #miter scripting tomorrow (today) with updating embed plugin with embedding image/video. Potential principle photography for the NodeMCU Curtains project #TVShow eps as well.

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