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@VijeMiller · 42d
Adding an expanding div button feature to #Miter on the miter form which allows adding personal favorite copy/pastes thru the panels editor. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 89d
Operating panels are likely the highest concentrations of jumbled messes of wiring in any piece of equipment. The Apollo program was 98% bundles of wires and one sheet of aluminum foil.

@VijeMiller · 104d
<(O.O)> yes, plz.

@VijeMiller · 132d
Credit to the programmers who can remember the dynamic of code they implemented in the onset of said program so as to implement a similar feature.. bcz the shit were ayh able to recall how miters are authored when wanting similar for /panels/. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 139d
#Miter Update --> #004020
1. Minor coding corrections -->
index.php cor/miter cor/panels

@VijeMiller · 157d
#Miter Update --> 351019
Added Upload Miter Images to Upload(s)
Panels -> moved edit to name links
index.css stylings updates

@VijeMiller · 160d
#Miter Update --> 349019
1. fixed scr/panels_edit.php write (order)

@VijeMiller · 161d
Elated to announce an end to writing panels for #Miter!
Oh and panels is now available for Miter.. ~(O_o)~

Update --> #347019
Removed single form menu editing
Added #Panels
--> Create, edit, delete, sort,
hide panels (admin only), hide titles(!)

@VijeMiller · 161d
Done: new, edit, delete, hide panel, hide title
Dev: up, down

@VijeMiller · 163d
Passing glance at 100+ day old code, "Oh ayh see; that was smart."

Adding panels form doubles down on the need to aesthetically update the tenon/panels form buttons. #Miter

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