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@VijeMiller · 9d
>rage, rage against the dying of the light
This still shd intrinsically swell rage inside you..
..if not, then step aside, you are in the way.
#pfs #freedom #refundtour

@VijeMiller · 10d
In the 16th century (gr) the Spanish, Portuguese, English and French plundered Central and South America after having defeated the natives, transporting galleons of gold back to Europe. Picture unrelated. #RefundTour

@VijeMiller · 12d
Reporter: How much oil do we use?
Energy Sec: ~(o.o)~
50% coup + 50% puppets --> 100% fraud

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PFS Phases
1. #BurnTheBridge
2. #RefundTour
3. (division or conquer-something)
4. (freedom-something)
5. (bleach-something)
6. #ogy

@VijeMiller · 42d
We will just ignore how value can be increased by the Fed by simple propagandized adjustments to % that no one can critically evaluate w/o standard markers for value comparison --> aka artificially raise value and tax the difference. #RefundTour

@VijeMiller · 55d
We can not nor will not cohabitate.
#RefundTour #pfs
@Vije Miller · 55d
Father of a daughter assaulted by a "transsexual" 15 y/o in the womens bathroom, was arrested at a school board meeting when he verbally accosted the board for covering up the rape. The boy was charged, released and assaulted another girl. #Honk

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@VijeMiller · 66d
At this point it is simply about creating a place for us to breathe free. The illusion alone was more tranquil than what has now been antagonized into unending disruption. One should be able to live a simple life with simple things. #pfs #RefundTour

@VijeMiller · 75d
The division between
SARS-2 is real (99.9987% tho)
SARS-2 is fake (RT/PCR label scam)
is a roadblock to organizing truth online
We can not win diplomatically w/o consensus
So we will have to win alternatively by force
#RefundTour #pfs

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