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@pkvi · 7d
Ayh am certain that the solution to all physics will be found at the junction point of light in a given space of competing sources. Light competing at any given point must aggravate variables of the innate space to allow for isolation of light and matter, otherwise modelled on SM/QED (by accepted posits), we shd only see a bright white universe. The competition of light can not cohabite in matter without a conservation of energy violation transference of energy, which is why SM/QED fail. #ResistanceTheory instead alots energetic movement by its own deflection.

@pkvi · 7d
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>competition of light
>right of way
Further #ResistanceTheory modelling as well.

@pkvi · 11d
i.e. the "modern" take in physics is to excuse the majority of the universe and rationalize an unimpeded wave or maybe particle, depending on the circumstance. Does this do well to convince you that there is a rational grasp of particle and quantum theory? (>_ლ) #ResistanceTheory has as much legitimacy as the Standard Model and QED, if not more so thanks to identifying the "medium" as being a low-active state of all things.

@pkvi · 13d
When you consider that for all light to travel the universe, in every direction foreign to xyz bodies, the entirety of existence is some form of a state of light. In #ResistanceTheory, this is an intermediate waveform within a low/high active state. The solution to interplanetary propulsion may in fact derive from harnessing light's transitional state.

@pkvi · 21d
Light is refractory energy excreted from the resistance density, beyond low-opposition or at anti- wave lengths, as a residual value. Thus the matter you "see" are actual imprints or skins of the corresponding outter shell of the resisting transitory threshold. #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 28d
>captured an electron
Isolated, right? No other elements suspended or interfering despite all claims of a bombardment of unknown particles supported by same said group; muons, gluons, neutrinos, dark matter, etcons?! Not to mention the very distribution of particles from the mechanical housing, friction or (probably) photons (its always lasers)?

Whenever a physicist claims to have isolated a particle, ayh will never not call b/s. In their own QED or SM models, to excuse the field in which this particle supposedly exists is to dismiss ~36% of the universe.

#ResistanceTheory does a better job explaining observed concentrations of isolated high-energy with a low-active field being bombarded to a finite point. Same implementation, same result, different reason.

@pkvi · 57d
Particle modelers often lean heavily on the molecular bonds of elements without spending much time evaluating the medium these elements exist upon/within. The dialog presented here shd render queries as to why there are abundances of elements who have identical properties and/or why we classify different molecules when simply uncontested bonding different molecules while clarifying the same resistance alters the state of the molecules. Molecular and particle physics could be resolved were it to embed into a medium as a change of state rather than exclusionary to it. #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 61d
Standard Model and Quantum Mechanics are in direct conflict with Continuum Mechanics as there must be uniform flow in a field for objects to exist where as SM/QM can achieve abstract behaviors across planes without deviations from intermittent densities of the field or mass collaborations (#ResistanceTheory)

@pkvi · 86d
#ResistanceTheory Field is extraordinarily sensitive to change which is why abandoned thresholds (inactive) permits light waves to travel so far, unimpeded.. only waned by distances of low impedance.

Angular Momentum is an energy bias from reciprocal oscillation and imbalance of field conversion density.

Magnetic Field is energy resonance from inward/outward spherical wave collisions. Why polarized? ..working on it.

Unimpeded abandoned external collision density emissions (light waves) can not divert sight of mass perpendicular, unless acted upon by another collision mass, a de-reflection.

The maximum velocity in #RTF is not a linear speed but rather the inactive to active state conversion. Velocity relative to conversion relative to displacement and contraction by the power of container of RTF.

@pkvi · 91d
It appears to be that time in my journey to discredit the misdirection physics has led over the last 100 years by now including disapproval of the theory of Relativity's model for orbital gravity. In a three dimensional spherical space, falling to/from Langrange points requires /dead air/ where there is a nominal or static space, but this does not occur as motion is influenced (waves, heat, expansion, etc) and indefinite. This means linear parallel motion is required to fix a mass to a three dimensional encased warping of space, which in itself is a problem requiring more than three dimensions, which ayh refuse to tolerate in modeling existence --> its the cowards way out of inexplicable complexities and exploitive hyper-theory. P=F/A. #StayTuned #ResistanceTheory

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