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@pkvi · 37d
Yet an inactive or decelerated state is never suggested; it is either occupied or unoccupied, which defies the very concept of occupied. The red flag of any physicist's credibility is utilizing multi-dimensional additions to accommodate. #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 72d
The issue with the defined states of matter still affixed to the same molecular identity (ex. ice = water = vapor) is that expansion requires inclusion of foreign segregation densities. Obviously nothing can not exist so when a solid melts to a liquid, there is inclusion which shd change the molecular perspective of the matter --> ie H2O as water shd be reflected differently as bonding changes. The admission of 'nothing' or rather the dismissing of 'something else' plagues the fundamental understanding of all matter and is excused with gravity or electromagnetism. #ResistanceTheory states that pattern changes are within an existing field therefore state changes are pressure and velocity only, not molecular displacement.

@pkvi · 74d
>particles are primary
Yet are all different. ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ
>primary (adj) 3. fundamental
Require exchange in nothingness to subsist.
>maybe vibrating strings
Vibration requires space to deflect.
Vibration requires resistance to restrain.
>strings in a field then
Then the field is the primary:
Welcome to #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 120d
There is a folly in the perception of time in physics which permits the concept of forward and backward --> imagine a vibration: a single point travels (changes position in frames) forward by two (universal field travel plus energetic transition) then stays in place on return (forward universal travel minus energetic transition). There then is no backwards but rather a static resistance. This of course relies on a particle model which is wrong --> read #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 128d
>redundancy of maybes

@pkvi · 190d
(>_ლ) ..once and a while they come ever so close to #ResistanceTheory --> then wildly veer off into some comical desperation to retain indoctrinated Standard Model particle lore. If one were only brave enough to challenge the gaps between particles.

@pkvi · 325d
Particularly exhausting watching them spiral inward around towards the inevitable solution that the Standard Model is shite and #ResistanceTheory (wave field collisions) is more appropriate.

@pkvi · 327d
2/2 unto the next reflection, time expanding to non-time. This shd perceive that as the universe was more dense, velocity of time has increased thereby "ago" is a curved constant, accelerated relative closer to singularity. #ResistanceTheory
@pkvi · 327d
Suppose that we gauge time based on the distance of the state of change of matter, and that as the universe expands, the furthered distance between densities giving rise to depth of time --> until the wave is unable to retain initial conversion 1/2

@pkvi · 337d
..if light is an element of something, said something being the innate state of all things, is it travelling faster than light by standing still or by being the container of said light?

Aym reaching a state of paradoxical nirvana.

@pkvi · 415d
(ಠ_ರೃ --> #ResistanceTheory

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