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@VijeMiller · 157d
They're getting closer.
[reads "fourth dimension"] (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 187d
#ResistanceTheory on a non-spherical plane ... omni-directional waves in four directions occupying a single density. Demonstrating that collision points would not impede additional waves i.e. reflection and refraction.

@VijeMiller · 231d
3/2 #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 254d
There is a line of thought that bcz a spheroid is the most efficient shape in Nature that then particles must be our primordial existence -alternatively- consider outward densities dividing masses to a collision point (density). #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 322d
"new state of matter" [again]

At the rate at which 'researchers' are 'discovering' new states of matter - eventually they will come around to realize that there is no static state - only transition and resistance - ie #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 340d
3. For a warped plane - the density of space must be changed in ratio to its distance to the center of mass (galaxy) therefore a null as defined for space would be: false. Sounds suspiciously like #ResistanceTheory permitting density flex. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Vije Miller · 340d
1. Nope.
2. Shd this theory be true, then the proposed understanding of gravity and space would be boldly false - which would have been perceived from observing actual galaxies from without, not from within. Warped planes would be common knowledge.

@VijeMiller · 358d
2/2 .. by particle physics. Science today has us emphasize that molecules occupy a space while the atomic structure of the molecules is a spacious void. Particle science has been derailing progress for a century. #ResistanceTheory
@Vije Miller · 358d
Note: the cellular division is not uniform by cell while uniform by space - bcz a density occupies vacant space until a higher density is able to resist surrounding densities. An example of how spheres are NOT the most efficient form as defined 1/2

@VijeMiller · 440d
Bear in mind, they are suggesting a proton converted to a neutron which would demonstrate a universe-wide immeasurable instability, upending the concept; Standard Model is a foundation. More feasible is a rate of transition. #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 462d
Note how this article begins with the standard model is failing but surely a lesser stable understanding of the model is the potential solution. They are edging ever closer to #ResistanceTheory by accepting field motion over static bodies.

@VijeMiller · 463d
2/2 The only reason multi-dimensional theory is escalated is to lazily compensate for the irrational model of particles occupying the same space as constants or the emptiness dividing them. Physics is broken! #ResistanceTheory

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