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@VijeMiller · 3d
Nope to #Rumble (again). Their processing reorganizes the upload order which for someone who desires 191 episodes preferably organized, it is intolerable. Someone lend a few hundred million to create a platform that is anal-minded. No, not that anal!

@VijeMiller · 4d
Adding our not-entire video library to #Rumble .. slowly. They have a processing process that is unclear and has disordered regardless of order of upload. Ayh anticipate Rumble closing 1 to 2 days after finalizing uploading TVShow Series 06 (to date)

@VijeMiller · 30d
#Rumble --> nope. Apparently despite claiming to be a "competitor" to YouTube to be a more open platform, they have analysts to determine the viability of your video to whether it is posted or not. Huh? Actual YouTube competitor remains elusive...

@VijeMiller · 31d
#Rumble is already an improvement on other YouTube alternatives based simply on automatic thumbnails generators. Add 'playlists' and less 'for mobile' css and there is some potential. Uploading the library now --> link soon.

@VijeMiller · 288d
Trumf: We are not leaving Iraq until we are repaid billions.

..and yet staying distances that total further beyond the means of a peoples who live in crumbled mud and are sustained by the very money US gives them. It.. its swamp logic. #GetOut

@VijeMiller · 356d
For two guys who supposedly grumble about filming #OakIsland, the Laginas just performed flawlessly in a Ford commercial quality bumper for the new season.

@VijeMiller · 419d
No, it is not suspicious et all that Africa's "poor" find their way to Mexico en route to illegally entering the US -> permit me to don this tin foil hat and seek out the ME, EU and/or Asia backers who crumble US by it's own naive compassion.

@VijeMiller · 496d
The infrastructure of for the last 12 years is beginning to crumble under PHP updates. Going in to #pfs with need for stability of content delivery may require a very swift revamp - perhaps self authored as is #Miter.

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