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@pkvi · 300d
After much disinterest and waffling (pun intended) --> ready for its episodic reveal and to then be forgotten. #TVShow #StayTuned

@pkvi · 313d
Stupid. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 321d
Closing in on a long ago promised useless novelty voice automated Arduino ____bot after having been bot-blocked by a confined space gravity fed dispenser with meek resources. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 331d
Upset at the quality of audio from two most recent #TVShow episodes, coinciding with a new negotiated temporary living arrangement, there is intention to complete (4) new episodes in the next 4 to 7 days --> in addition to 3 to 4 new engineering projects. #CrotchlessChair #StayTuned

@pkvi · 354d
Testing a new #Miter feature to toggle deactivating the 250 character limit but with some acknowledgment that total character count beyond 250 will not be viewable in the #Stockyard or u/ feeds. This very miter is beyond the 250 character threshold by 16. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 400d
Took far more patience than ayh estimated ayh had.

@pkvi · 411d
Determined to use every digital pin an Uno can muster --> refusing the Mega at this point. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 424d
We are
>code close
to a new dumb yet unseen project.

@pkvi · 473d
New #Arduino (bathroom) project on arrival..

@pkvi · 499d
An attempt shall be made -today- to return to the #TVShow studio (the bathroom with a green plastic table cloth) and produce 1 or possibly a staggering 2 new episodes --> with intent to publish 5 in the coming 10 days. #StayTuned

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