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Dev 109022
(5) #TVShow in pre-
(2) engineering projects (+1 dev)
(3) #Millworks features in beta

@pkvi · 174d
>establishing shot
Broke the rule. ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ
That is why ayh hate that episode.

Update: Remedied

@pkvi · 174d
It is weird how some seemingly crappy episodes are more palatable when you hit the replay button. That aside.. the slowed paused deep tone speech ayh need to put a kibosh on. It is terrible for speakers, editing, auditory tolerances, pacing.. ~(°-°)~ not every episode (247 of them) is a winner. #TVShow

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#TVShow Dev 87022
8X09 8X10 production
8X11 pre- (eng)
8X12 8X13 final drafts

@pkvi · 188d
After much disinterest and waffling (pun intended) --> ready for its episodic reveal and to then be forgotten. #TVShow #StayTuned

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1 #TVShow episode in post-
3 novelty episodes in pre-
1 engineering episode in pre-
2 engineering projects in dev

@pkvi · 214d
This series' audio has been inexplicable garbage. First note to self is avoid mixing professional and vije-professional audio as the quality difference is immediately noticeable. #TVShow

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S00 6:13
S01 29:03
S02 23:30
S03 44:58
S04 25:18
S05 25:33
S06 18:04
S07 22:42
S08 3:40
11,941 s
199.016 m
3.316 h

@pkvi · 220d
Upset at the quality of audio from two most recent #TVShow episodes, coinciding with a new negotiated temporary living arrangement, there is intention to complete (4) new episodes in the next 4 to 7 days --> in addition to 3 to 4 new engineering projects. #CrotchlessChair #StayTuned

@pkvi · 221d
My voice is not made for television or film. The lesson oft reminded is that long dialogues are not my friend and ayh shd be compartmentalized to one-liners or gestures. Ayh then ayh forget.. and want to stick a pencil in my ear in editing. #TVShow

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