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@VijeMiller · 4d
Irony being that plebs typically only think/see in nationalism ie community perspective (which is now "racist") making it hard to see the grander picture of how every country was part of a global scheme by #Tier1 elite globe grabbing parasites.

@VijeMiller · 22d
India went anti-#Tier1
>paki war

@VijeMiller · 32d
How many elites (#Tier1) perceive themselves Alexander? For generations, leaders were hailed as the 'next' xyz --> these days we never hear such aspirations.. but they exist. Human beings do not suddenly cease craving power and prestige.

@VijeMiller · 34d
What if --> the entire CoVID19 hoax was perpetrated as result of a Howard Hughes -esque #Tier1 elite suffering from hypochondria, demanding the entire planet mask and glove up for his/her sake?

@VijeMiller · 47d
Know a FDNY-Marine whose uncle was shot and killed during a robbery --> but hey, those 0.0001% of CoVID19 dnr elderly and obese, real heroes! CNN (#Tier3) is propaganda for government (#Tier2) propaganda for elites (#Tier1) propaganda. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 51d
Elite (#Tier1) experiment --> who are more malleable, media (#Tier3) or peasants (#Tier5). The last 400 days has been littered with absurd hypotheticals (pic from APR20). Elite sips cognac in curiosity.

@VijeMiller · 52d
...and you're not invited. Donald Trump was not a politician but he was an elite --> #Tier1 bent on measuring the volume of nationalists whom need be squashed. Donald Trump was bait.

@VijeMiller · 63d
With the spectrum of #Tier1 (elite) blackmail of #Tier2 (mega-wealthy and career politicians) and below, there was always chance one would be reluctant to cave --> this then is entirely plausible.

L.Wood shd advocate for us to be unleashed --> #pfs

@VijeMiller · 72d
#Tier1 (Elite): Whom are these resisting us still?! Release the lions!

@VijeMiller · 80d
My guess, Putin has been resistant to Elites (#Tier1) and thus the trickle down narrative for all things bad being Russia. It was never about Trump.. it was about shitting on Russia for not playing along and wanna-bes and media played their parts.

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