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@VijeMiller · 38d
(O.o)> ..formerly #Tier3

@VijeMiller · 45d
Know a FDNY-Marine whose uncle was shot and killed during a robbery --> but hey, those 0.0001% of CoVID19 dnr elderly and obese, real heroes! CNN (#Tier3) is propaganda for government (#Tier2) propaganda for elites (#Tier1) propaganda. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 49d
Elite (#Tier1) experiment --> who are more malleable, media (#Tier3) or peasants (#Tier5). The last 400 days has been littered with absurd hypotheticals (pic from APR20). Elite sips cognac in curiosity.

@VijeMiller · 54d
Dubious (not suspicious) lack of polling by MSM after the election of voters for whom they voted for --> likely explicitly avoided. #Tier3

@VijeMiller · 54d
DC itself is a terrible target --> politicians and Federal buildings are primarily lower tier garbage with ~0.1% being #Tier2. Were you to lead an attack, the surrounding area (VA/MD) are MSM (#Tier3) and lobbyist occupancies.

@VijeMiller · 60d
80,000 puppies are brown --> ban leashes. Oh sorry, ayh thought we were just unverifiably and impractically touting numbers that share no actual relationship to implication.

After #Tier3 (Media) are scorched.. summon medical admins. #StJohns

@VijeMiller · 61d
#Tier3 (Media) --> formerly religion (propaganda)

@VijeMiller · 82d
The Ignorance Authority aka #Tier3 (Media) who clinically defend ideas without scrutiny for fear of their own fragility.

@VijeMiller · 92d
Tired of the constant belittling of MSM --> while accurate, no one offers solutions. Here is my suggestion: #Tier3 (Media) must be forcibly disassembled.

10,000 propagandists litter radio and television --> dox and tear it all down. Burn the bridge!

@VijeMiller · 102d
This! #Tier3

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