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@VijeMiller · 49d
Elite (#Tier1) experiment --> who are more malleable, media (#Tier3) or peasants (#Tier5). The last 400 days has been littered with absurd hypotheticals (pic from APR20). Elite sips cognac in curiosity.

@VijeMiller · 84d
Failure in leadership always begins with the subordinate --> they decide just who to follow. While #Tier1 route our fates for novelty, #Tier5 rarely veers from the path. Tho, history is littered with strays.

@VijeMiller · 87d
Civil war is tunnel vision --> this is a global economic war between the mega-wealthy and the freedom appreciative peasants (historically redundant). Either elites (#Tier1) push peasants (#Tier5) to war against each other.. or they revolt.

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