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@VijeMiller · 38d
"contact tracing" is a red flag. It is code for furthering voluntary tracking mechanisms which while seems like a luxury to those unable to know how to read a map or pay attention -- is dystopian control and marketing. #TinFoil

@VijeMiller · 69d
#TinFoil --> respiratory disease and influenza accounts for nearly 600 deaths per day --> what % of those are mistaken or complications then labelled #COVID19 aka how are the numbers being fudged? #WuhanHysteria
@Vije Miller · 69d
*cough* Meanwhile... *cough*

@VijeMiller · 87d
#TinFoil --> what if the DNC pressed everyone out of the way for a Biden nod bcz of my previous observation that if Biden was only a citizen, then Trump's House/Dem impeachment would be mutinous -- and the GOP came to this conclusion too.

@VijeMiller · 118d
Perhaps ayh am utterly naive to how women respond to such situations due to my unwillingness to corner a woman (or have the worth to) -but- ayh have never met a woman so feeble while being actress-arrogant, to succumb as these women did. #TinFoil

@VijeMiller · 132d
There are no photographs of a pregnant Michelle Obama?! The claim is that there was no urgency (1998 and 2001) - but she was Harvard Law, the definition of smug vanity the while internet culture exploded in this era. Add her lib advocacy --> #TinFoil

@VijeMiller · 162d
Going full #TinFoil --> Epstein is NOT dead.
Some things never change [see human history]
*Except Kaufman, he's definitely dead. If you believe...

@VijeMiller · 214d
Just to clarify: fled - blew up vest with 3 others present - buried in rubble - SOF operation had enough time to collect remains --> in a tunnel - already buried at sea. #TinFoil (>_ლ)

Some where in the Pentagon, the Cigarette Smoking Man smoking.

@VijeMiller · 227d
Emphasis that 'every one' shd get their flu shot w/o the redundant warning labels of modern American dullardary confining it to children, elderly and ailed... could easily fit me for a #tinfoil hat. Shortages are even stressed by gov coms.

@VijeMiller · 431d
"Trump colluded with Russia."
How? Why?
"You'll see in the report."
[report acquits]
"Report is wrong."
How? Why?
"It's all a conspiracy."

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