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@VijeMiller · 134d
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ #Virginia

@VijeMiller · 135d
More time and fuel was wasted than was rights to culture accomplished. Idiot right-side protests shd be sponsored by Chevron.

Leftism has a long standing history of needing to be tamped down - so put your god damned double-tap shoes on. #Virginia

@VijeMiller · 135d
Best case scenario - a few dozen left and right are killed in a violent outburst - doubled down by law enforcement shooting recklessly against either side. That shd sew the seeds of distrust enough to muster militias across the "nation". #Virginia

@VijeMiller · 167d
This is revolutionary/civil sexy --> states rights are the rights of and by the citizens (plural), not the politician -- and is subject to change by the conditions set forth by the citizens - (again) not the politician.

@VijeMiller · 435d
Elon brushes aside the scorn as he deducts his tax breaks from the tax breaks imposed atop tax breaks from tax breaks to permit a project funded by tax payers. #DebugUS

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