@VijeMiller · 12d
#Arduino and #NodeMCU aquarium (3) valve system operated by 9G servos --> 5V pump --> 24V mist generator with printed guard. #ComingSoon

@VijeMiller · 14d
Finalized modeling --
Final printing --
Finally off the desk novelty
#Weather (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 22d
Upcoming #TVShow Episodes:
1. Jaws World
2. Arduino and NodeMCU Aquarium Weather w/ K8Y Tsunami
3. NYC Fire Hydrant Prank 2
4. Face
5. Delayed

@VijeMiller · 24d
Done. (O_o)>

Final printing parts - testing - episodic prod. --> done(done)

@VijeMiller · 41d
DEV 297 019
1. Arduino Weather Project
2. Miter --> Panels
3. Miter --> Profile
4. TVShow 5X26
5. Salt Shaker Project (?)

@VijeMiller · 42d
What were
63 "Canadians"
doing on a flight from Tehran?
Are Canadians so frustrated by the cold that they seek out the complete opposite weather yet still want that oppressive government environment?

@VijeMiller · 49d
Just one news story on ABC7NY in 30 mins (so far) has been about a white person (politician drunk driving --> tame) -- even the anchors are not white. It took until the weatherman who borders on homosexual (metro-) to break the streak. #BanNYC

@VijeMiller · 79d
The wisest of us pioneered away from the north-east bcz they were keenly aware that both the weather was ridiculous and that people who entertain such weather are morons and create moronic environments, worth being away in harsh alternatives.

@VijeMiller · 205d
"The opinions of scientists although valid, are just that, opinions," said mountain biker Kate Weatherly, who transitioned as a teenager and has become a national champion competing against women. (>_ლ) .. this pretty much sums up LGBTQ

@VijeMiller · 218d
The annual Summer blooming of climate scientists propagandizing heat and end times .. as the unpredictable weather turns, warm?! During summer?! 50 says it soon becomes a festival with hip hop performers .. "Monster Energy presents Climate Live"

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