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@VijeMiller · 5d
Bewildering and infuriating idiocy of gyms closing amid difficulty accommodating fraudulent health mandates --> an environment to nurture healthy people is burdened by under-scrutinized government health mandates. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 85d
Keep in mind these 'expert notations' and recall hurricane predictions and climate change predictions and influenza predictions --> most everyone agrees weathermen are rarely right, often easier to just look out the window. #WuhanFraud
@Vije Miller · 85d
An "expert" on CNN from Emory just said that Trump's 99% "harmless" statement was wrong, "..its more of 75 to 80% are mild symptoms.. and roughly 50% are hospitalizations.." Huh? #CNNMath #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 218d
Set aside the unearned ramblings for the sake of a SJW agenda .. take note of the cringe behavioral redundancy of the un-ironic "needs some help"

"Leftists uniformly lash out for being guilty of it themselves," prevalent here.

@VijeMiller · 219d
TVShow 5X26 #Arduino and #NodeMCU Aquarium Weather

@VijeMiller · 233d
#Arduino and #NodeMCU aquarium (3) valve system operated by 9G servos --> 5V pump --> 24V mist generator with printed guard. #ComingSoon

@VijeMiller · 235d
Finalized modeling --
Final printing --
Finally off the desk novelty
#Weather (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 243d
Upcoming #TVShow Episodes:
1. Jaws World
2. Arduino and NodeMCU Aquarium Weather w/ K8Y Tsunami
3. NYC Fire Hydrant Prank 2
4. Face
5. Delayed

@VijeMiller · 245d
Done. (O_o)>

Final printing parts - testing - episodic prod. --> done(done)

@VijeMiller · 262d
DEV 297 019
1. Arduino Weather Project
2. Miter --> Panels
3. Miter --> Profile
4. TVShow 5X26
5. Salt Shaker Project (?)

@VijeMiller · 263d
What were
63 "Canadians"
doing on a flight from Tehran?
Are Canadians so frustrated by the cold that they seek out the complete opposite weather yet still want that oppressive government environment?

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