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@VijeMiller · 78d
Why do Louisiana-ians insist on rebuilding elevated signs, billboards and edifices that are clearly not storm resistant?! The god damn weather channel puts odds on how many storms target Louisiana.. each year.. take a hint!

@VijeMiller · 116d
Bewildering and infuriating idiocy of gyms closing amid difficulty accommodating fraudulent health mandates --> an environment to nurture healthy people is burdened by under-scrutinized government health mandates. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 195d
Keep in mind these 'expert notations' and recall hurricane predictions and climate change predictions and influenza predictions --> most everyone agrees weathermen are rarely right, often easier to just look out the window. #WuhanFraud
@Vije Miller · 195d
An "expert" on CNN from Emory just said that Trump's 99% "harmless" statement was wrong, "..its more of 75 to 80% are mild symptoms.. and roughly 50% are hospitalizations.." Huh? #CNNMath #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 329d
Set aside the unearned ramblings for the sake of a SJW agenda .. take note of the cringe behavioral redundancy of the un-ironic "needs some help"

"Leftists uniformly lash out for being guilty of it themselves," prevalent here.

@VijeMiller · 330d
TVShow 5X26 #Arduino and #NodeMCU Aquarium Weather

@VijeMiller · 344d
#Arduino and #NodeMCU aquarium (3) valve system operated by 9G servos --> 5V pump --> 24V mist generator with printed guard. #ComingSoon

@VijeMiller · 346d
Finalized modeling --
Final printing --
Finally off the desk novelty
#Weather (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 354d
Upcoming #TVShow Episodes:
1. Jaws World
2. Arduino and NodeMCU Aquarium Weather w/ K8Y Tsunami
3. NYC Fire Hydrant Prank 2
4. Face
5. Delayed

@VijeMiller · 356d
Done. (O_o)>

Final printing parts - testing - episodic prod. --> done(done)

@VijeMiller · 372d
DEV 297 019
1. Arduino Weather Project
2. Miter --> Panels
3. Miter --> Profile
4. TVShow 5X26
5. Salt Shaker Project (?)

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