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@VijeMiller · 146d
An established majority on various websites that ayh share critical analysis of #WuhanFraud with, as well as myself and individuals around me, have narrowed the infection apex to early February. "100,000" is not instantaneous --> #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 155d
#WuhanFraud will now go forward as #CovidAudit
The emphasis remains the same --> fraud perpetrated

@VijeMiller · 156d
Biden: ..mandate a mask for the next 3 months.
>three months later
Biden: Ayh do not accept this loss.. oh and masks, 48 more months!

@VijeMiller · 156d
The uh.. science.. of it all.
This either ends one of three ways -->
1. Ticket prices skyrocket, attendance drops
2. Small bands are eliminated, reduced to bars (not open)
3. People become fed up (sheep stray more than these people)

@VijeMiller · 156d
America is losing joggers.
Africa is losing sailors.

@VijeMiller · 157d
Math is hard. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 157d
When we know for fact via Brix, Ezike, CDC and more that 160,000 have not died, then would not MSM saying 160,000 being the conspiracy theorists? So yes, they did cause death.. from all other diseases caused by spreading hysteria. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 158d
Gargling is something left-peasants are experienced with.. they do need to be reminded to not swallow as its not their governors' junk in their mouth. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 158d
#WuhanFraud has eased the means to define friend or foe --> in NYC there is no vibe that people want things to return to normal; they simply exist and obey. Elsewhere, people demand life back. A desire for normal is healthy --> NYC is poison.

@VijeMiller · 159d
Bingo --> and still shutdown. #WuhanFraud

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