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@VijeMiller · 160d
Elated to announce an end to writing panels for #Miter!
Oh and panels is now available for Miter.. ~(O_o)~

Update --> #347019
Removed single form menu editing
Added #Panels
--> Create, edit, delete, sort,
hide panels (admin only), hide titles(!)

@VijeMiller · 161d
Congratulations to women for having female rights again! Want to go best of 5 and lose them to say, aliens, and have to fight for them back?

@VijeMiller · 165d
Updated javascript and php has been posted to the #otc page.

@VijeMiller · 165d
Discovered the self-inflicted bug in the javascript adding an errant day to the #otc --> Math.ceil (>_ლ)

This may have also led to the irrational reason for a + 1); in the php when not having not matched the javascript. (O_o)>

@VijeMiller · 166d
It appears as if the #otc javascript is incorrect by +2 or +3 days --> which is an m/f-er seeing as ayh spent the entire year writing code and notes based on that script. #Miter update soon. Leap year --> ugh. Issue is still +1 regardless(?)

@VijeMiller · 203d
There are no photographs of a pregnant Michelle Obama?! The claim is that there was no urgency (1998 and 2001) - but she was Harvard Law, the definition of smug vanity the while internet culture exploded in this era. Add her lib advocacy --> #TinFoil

@VijeMiller · 206d
Combine the string() by using String value = sprintf() and... WTH?! Ey would be done and gone with coding an Arduino if something more convenient (dumber?!) like PHP or Javascript. C++ sucks!

@VijeMiller · 208d
>we wrote an article about news we had to do nearly nothing to aggregate. Here's an avatar of us so you know who we are!


@VijeMiller · 209d
Then by that logic, lowering it will increase suicides which will result in more available jobs both by less population and by ease of cost on employers.

@VijeMiller · 231d
As a surprising testament to my coding --> migrated primary / files to cor/ to allow better organization of user functions w/o difficulty. New functions coming soon.

Update available now on GH. #Miter

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