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@VijeMiller · 2d
TBF to Antifa --> there are a lot of dumb fucking cops out there. Every obese citation-page-flipping nanny patrolman is an example of a failed freedom doctrine. #pfs

@VijeMiller · 5d
The same "doctors" who support diversity of gender identification are the same who support hysterical shutdowns over a virus having had no validation of severity beforehand --> prove me wrong. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 12d
Remember the chart of how every company today is a spoke to a few mother companies --> our business environment is a giant Skull and Bones-esque organization now. When such unity of effort is blatant --> you are being restrained. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 66d
hash tag stay home
hash tag spin doctors
hash tag doom and gloom
hash tag honk honk

@VijeMiller · 76d
Bill Gates is as qualified to speak about epidemiology as the average social media user. Considering there is a wider spectrum of coders and doctors and.. no, Bill Gates is less qualified. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 82d
Ah, ayh see --> Martha Hart (and indoctrinated son) is a cunt.
Who takes their kids on the catwalk where Owen fell?!
This explains why Owen is not in the faux #WWE HOF.
"he would be applauding me" the fuck?!

@VijeMiller · 82d
Ponder at how many nurses and doctors die each year from cross-contamination from patients ~(O_o)~ lets just focus on the one. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 83d
"There is a public health emergency and you are not wearing a mask," was his reply. Who speaks like that?! How indoctrinated are you to speak and behave in bullet points? 8 in 10 in NYC shd be put on a boat and sent to Africa as a waste product.

@VijeMiller · 96d
Nurses and doctors have jobs.. Nike's core consumers, do not. Meh, the left prefer not to burden their delicate disposition by those 30 million slightly inconvenienced. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 97d
Oh, you know #NYC.. the place where doctors were forced to fraudulently classify 100% of cases as CoVID19 for financial gain, so surely this is true too *wink*. #WuhanFraud

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