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@VijeMiller · 45d
"oven dodger" ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Zombie Tapper is a hard nosed journalist.. who just does TMZ news on the side to pay the narrative bills.

@VijeMiller · 156d
Oh no no no.. just no.

Instead of a bat-grappling hook will he just carry a folding ladder?

Shd we anticipate devolving to James Bond and Avengers like car commercials shilling the latest Dodge Charger Wayne-Edition?

@VijeMiller · 224d
2/2 Any neighboring country that endangers domestic boundaries with raised sediments, will be considered a threat and appropriate military action will be conducted immediately. #pfs #dod #dos
@Vije Miller · 224d
Humans, the scourge above and below. Someone/thing shd really stop these human beings from being.

#pfs will not dredge seafloors for minerals -- seeing as surface mining is suitable for adequate life styles; diamonds are social-fraud. #dos #doc 1/2

@VijeMiller · 240d
Leftism is going to face a sickening practicality thud -- just as soon as someone *cough* #pfs *cough* inspires the masses to transition attention to re-establishment and not doddling perseverance.

Key will be the integrity to deny desperation.

@VijeMiller · 250d
Messicans are the Storm Troopers of the Cartel Empire. Were any one to stop and aim when leaping border-crossing-wildly from their pickups, murders could double over night. Its a surprise any one dies in these fire fights if not for standing out.

@VijeMiller · 290d
Seems like a dodge to excuse those who already work for JPMorgan. How many former/current politicians and lobbyists does their board room hold at any given time?

@VijeMiller · 352d
Sleight of hand deception raised the bar with 'buying Greenland' as an Epstein news dodge. Next massacre and its 'US stakes claim to quarter of Moon to build laundromat"

@VijeMiller · 354d
Operative goods of any genre obtained during a time of war shall be domestically employed, never to be returned or abandoned. #pfs #dod #plunder

@VijeMiller · 354d
A soldier in a time of declared war may not be convicted of a crime against indigenous people(s) within a foreign territory. #pfs #dod #pillaging

@VijeMiller · 420d
Iran is the next piece in the US puzzle .. unfortunately the rest of the world is playing dodgeball.

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