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@VijeMiller · 4d
Starting a pool --> Hunter Biden "commits suicide" on October 20th 2:00 with an overdose.. to stoke empathy for Biden and anger for Conservative bullies. #ClintonFoundation

@VijeMiller · 33d
Despite being near death, QEII can not depart w/o having to further ingrain her legacy as the abandon-est monarch in United Kingdom history. Historian cowards would not besmirch her now --> give it 10 years after her demise, then "top five worst"

@VijeMiller · 57d
Those who derive value and are willing to compromise a sense of self to be celebrated for creating noise or pretending, are often unlikely to cling to integrity, having traditionally abandoned it to succeed.

@VijeMiller · 60d
So.. many.. children to shoot. Where does one find the time when one is busy working or stealing in order to purchase or steal drugs to overdose on. Don't get me started on guns and bullets --

@VijeMiller · 96d
>twitter hacked
>scrape dms
>scrape keys
>scrape pedos
Anon inverse. \(°-°)/

@VijeMiller · 136d
Wow --> yay --> thx for giving us our jobs back in microdoses like a drug to keep us hooked.

@VijeMiller · 176d
This "crisis" was staged by Big Printing to cash in on "6 feet" stickers and signs. Damn you, Big Printing! #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 240d
Genuinely prefer the old Windows menu styled slicer settings in ReplicatorG as opposed to the endless drop down, scroll and collapsible menus in Cura -- while obviously there is no close comparison of build interfaces. RepG feels like an old DOS app.

@VijeMiller · 280d
Round door knobs are banned. #pfs #dos

Not only are they difficult for arthritic persons, but equally difficult for the retarded... like NYers.

@VijeMiller · 297d
2/2 Any neighboring country that endangers domestic boundaries with raised sediments, will be considered a threat and appropriate military action will be conducted immediately. #pfs #dod #dos
@Vije Miller · 297d
Humans, the scourge above and below. Someone/thing shd really stop these human beings from being.

#pfs will not dredge seafloors for minerals -- seeing as surface mining is suitable for adequate life styles; diamonds are social-fraud. #dos #doc 1/2

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