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@pkvi · 20h
Aym embarrassed for modern science (fiction). Time travel, or what it shd be known as - data restoration - is a demonstrably idiotic concept by the very people who require perpetually expanding amounts of data storage for the research they hypothesize said theory.

To offer them some help in their narrative; why not make use of the expanding universe as storage capacity thus the 'Big Bang' was a fresh install and we are now in Windows 14,000,000,000 - thereby the expansion displacement gaps are /windows.old

@pkvi · 21h
>'diseases' in modern era
-- all distractions.

@pkvi · 3d
Merchant from New Jersey documents his 65 days moving grain from Houston to Africa for US AID - set aside the guy being a light touch - a 6 bay container ship (one of many) filling to the beam with American farmed grain, not sailing but motoring across the Atlantic, thru the Mediterranean, Suez, Ethiopia and off loading to mud huts is treason. American farmers make food for Americans and with supply shortages - a single seed exported, let alone fuel to move said seed, is the sort of actions that campaigns for war against our handlers.

@pkvi · 5d
>wealth ≠ intellect
The world is exploited and led by unearned descendants aka leeches, halfwits, clingers, inexpert, detached, coddled, onerous, bluster n' such.

@pkvi · 6d
(╯°□°)╯︵ chairs | #nts

@pkvi · 10d
Something does not sit right about the Elvis/Parker story -- was there literally no one consulted whom could advise the 6 or 7 confidants that bcz Parker was a misnomer and his legality was in question, that then the contract and any liability was void?! The result has Elvis appear to be a completely gullible imbecile.

@pkvi · 10d
Leftism's 'insightfulness' is incompatible with instinct.
"Scientific law is a statement, based on repeated experiments or observations, that describe or predict a range of natural phenomena." - Wikipedia[1]

@pkvi · 11d
It says a lot that apparently the only people whom demonstrate the proper open minded and critical thinking perspective on events with any semblance of consistency and absence of memory loss ..are the most racist and bigoted people online ~(°-°)~

@pkvi · 12d
There are absolutely no heroes in today's mess of performance virtue -- you have the religious right who are basking in their contrary values of freedom -- and you have the left who are weeping over a consequential resource of reckless excessive fucking. These are moments ayh ponder the luxuries of being born an elite where such peasantry behavior is dismissed from my private Maldives island workshop.

@pkvi · 14d
Note to self -- write a song called "ayh can't remember my last dump". Very heavy on the bass, some piano and a huge strings crescendo at the top when ayh think ayh remember but it no longer matters any more bcz the next one has arrived. #nts

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