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Imagine a generation so plugged in that removing their devices feels like severing a limb. Ayh am unconcerned about GenZ in the civil war -- mere nuisances as they flail about in the dark. Sun Tzu is not applied to panicky uncoordinated peasants. The focus is more wisely placed on their wardens. #Anarchy

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>reuses additive cardboard box for shipping final product
Manufacturers shd be implored (if not forced) into coordinating with their collaborative suppliers to reuse packing materials for final distribution. It is literally just ink and tape that is the contention that can be resolved.

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Some things are now certain:
Are serfs a product of environment?
Ironically serfs are a product of agriculture.
As hunting was domineered by gathering (farming), competition as a male was redirected to authority and exchange of value/condition. This congregating eventually led to cities and political posturing. Between aspiration and corralling, peasants were huddled into closer confines and environmentally conditionally restricted.
>serfs are differently hunting
Issue then becomes that for those in authority to preserve their competion they must restrain the peasant further. Evoking hope whilst disabling expansion.
>some things are for certain
We have come too far in human consciousness to restore authentic primitivism despite every Starbucks drinking Amazon ordering hipster's dogmatic claims.
Optimistically, less is more. By razing cities and aggressively enforcing growth restrictions (ppskm) we can in the least diminish the aquarium serfdom.
Pessimistically, humans will always choose the easier option, least labor in exchange for equitable sustainability and bare minimum sense of community, provoking cities.

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>ventilators killed patients
Subtle way of saying pols and their globalist masters conspired to murder --> and thaf medical error rose to numero uno via arrogant medical industry policy slaves.
>known complication of bacterial pneumonia
So previously well know that [we] emphasized such discrepancies of advocacy whilst being shouted down in place for ticker hysteria.
>covid does not exist

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Remarkably few things are designed with the emphasis of having an eased regularity of cleaning. Rather than smoothed lines and joints, reduction of awkward angles and crevices, we are given components of complexity for the sake of vanity. This promotes lethargy from a hygienic environment, something that is required of our accelerating artificial habitat. Even a robotic butler in a futuristic context would inefficiently struggle to maintain cleanliness with "modern" apparatuses.

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Black students will never know they are statistically to blame.

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Cowardly perfidious racism.
>immigrants are ruining our country
"Oh gosh maybe we shd examine the health of our country."

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You will often note that climate models from hysteria narratives are fixed to less than ~1 million years where as upon broader observations from the same core samples reveal that when hominids first began to evolve, temperatures and CO2 ppm were significantly higher. The large dip that is exploited by hysterics can be traced to ice ages and their natural cyclical retraction (see Younger-Dryas Period).
>global warming
Myth: not caused by peasants, cyclical in nature
Fact: caused by corporations blaming peasants for global warming

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>bacteria may signal obesity
"Your insurance will cover 85% of the obesity antibiotic."
>obese parents
>screen time
>fast food, sugar, fats..
Remember when behavior was indicative of consequence?

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>measure deformations in gravity waves
>measure gravity waves from events
>big bang gravity waves are certain
>can not define gravity or space
>variant fields surrounding earth
>linear and radial waves sourced despite ratio
>space-time wave shifts measurement device itself
(._.)> ..excusing nothing is free reign to unassailable redactions. Note they are unable to do this domestically in a body of water to near the degree of accuracy claimed by LIGO --> and the universe.

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