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Until it is explained how influenza was reduced to near nothing (~0.1% of average) and how RT-PCR has been a reliable testing methodology and why "with" was cooperatively counted despite actual cause --> then the virus was never real.

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Klaus: This method of humanity is inevitable.
No you psychopath.. technology should acclimate to accentuating efficient natural environments -not- alienating humans from our natural state all together. Ayh hate transhumanism (-globalists).

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PFS Phases
1. #BurnTheBridge
2. #RefundTour
3. (division or conquer-something)
4. (freedom-something)
5. (bleach-something)
6. #ogy

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>farming technology
When ayh come to power, manufacturers will be required to install manual overrides free from remote connectivity that permits full functionality. We'll let them have the "voids warranty" angle but.. there must be severance.

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If you fail to see the psychopathy of these conditioned intellects wanting to usher in a redesign of humanity based on technology (disguised social restructuring) then you are not my equal. They perceive peasants as cargo to be shuttled.

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Dum dum who voluntarily allows Amazon to spy on her is shocked to discover that Amazon has been spying on her. (>_ლ) Technology impaired people has always been the suckers bet.

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"The Economist is an international weekly newspaper printed in magazine-format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology. Based in London..." --> #BurnTheBridge

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Show me the man who watched the Fury/Wilder fight and wanted a female color(?) lead(?) ..and we will check him for a scrotum. Her voice takes you completely out of the fight, lacking any gravity. --> biology does not cater to social-marketing.

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