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Who would have predicted that a trending novelty item that required bombastic conditioning (shouting at inanimate objects) would result in a gradual decline of interest. ~(°-°)~ up? Projection, non-haptic button panels and IoT appliances.

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Technology can exist w/o connectivity, but (they) choose instead to lean heavily into it. ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ Surrendering your independence to corporations and government has been the battle cry of protest for centuries.. and yet with the simple veneer of novelty and limited option, it is willingly embedded as if an innate human evolution. Technology can exist w/o connectivity --> we can not coexist with those who drum for the alternative.

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>one way out
#pfs ..or naught.

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Ayh highly recommend this YouTube channel of a gent machining a replica Antikythera Machine, as it demonstrates how thru modern technology, the extraordinary skill and knowledge that was patiently achieved thousands of years ago. Our modern arrogant perspective shd always be in check for being descendant, not exception.

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Based on Barnes and Nobles demographics, brick and mortar stores have little time left. Ayh empathize with the appeal of an evolution from exerted-to destinations for trivial novelties, as technology has accommodated, yet there is a discernable decay of community that hollows our humanity.

Ayh have seen the tidal shift away from gatherings to isolation in my specific decades and it seems only to generate animosity, depression and subservience to undue authority w/o resistance. The way we live has to be redesigned on the whole to adapt and regain an authority over our selves.

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A faith in a community to leave your door open or unlocked -is- country. Today we aspire for the next technology to further lock us down in our homes. We are no longer a country and shd not treat it as such. To have it again, we must segregate.. by agreement or war. #pfs

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Gobsmacked all these years later, after having now edited some 255 mediocre #TVShow episodes using modern technology (Premiere, After Effects, etc), by the subtle visual effects layered on #MoulinRouge, edited some 22 years ago. You would never think twice of a seemingly insignificant shadow over-laid on a green screened character, but it adds such depth and texture -- done with ~(°-°)~ magic(?!). They still supplemented 8mm in-camera editing and projection splicing where my friend was going to film school at the time.

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>government issued identity
Who shd we get involved for a digital roll-out?
Technology sectors to manage applications.
(._.)> ..that's it.
>lets check what the banks have to say
(≖_≖ )>

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