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@pkvi · 5d
(>_ლ) ..incidentally deleted the "why ayh"
Why was it not embedded here? ~(°-°)~
Folly being corrected.
Meanwhile, numerous #Miter updates inbound (bugs, updates and new features), #TVShow Series 10 is (≖_≖ )>, and quite literally awaiting psilocybin for potential de-funking of engineering (writers) block. Stagnation and societal distractions has done serious damage --> add it to the list of why #pfs (-89).
>competition of light
>right of way
Further #ResistanceTheory modelling as well.

@pkvi · 8d
There comes a point (pun pending intended) when pointing fingers is merely a dulled instrument. The satisfaction found in animosity must eventually covet more otherwise you will neglect what your hands once skillfully honed to draw ire for preservation in the first place. #pfs

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(╯°□°)╯︵ prattle
#pfs -93

@pkvi · 14d
Information overload in the information overload era is a knowledge is power undoing. We can not go back to blissful ignorance.. so we must respond with actions so as to speak louder than words. (._.)> #pfs

@pkvi · 19d
>they took away our alternative
>they took away their alternative

@pkvi · 22d
This is no way for us to live.
This is relevant to most of us now --> trust is dead.
How do you permit perpetuating this cultural malignancy?
Pseudo-voting is more of the same.
It is time to break it all up.. sever the limb.
Embrace mortality.
#pfs #cira

@pkvi · 27d
These are naively and narratively labeled "public freakouts" as if they are negative experiences --> but he is not wrong. This is no way for us to live. We can not keep pursuing options that make it more difficult to survive in our own community. We shd be seeking solutions where we alienate problems, not filter them at our sacrifice. #pfs #cira

@pkvi · 30d
>opens gate
>finds another gate
Where in lies the problem --> do we keep opening gates for them or build our own gates and be a better powers that be? #pfs

@pkvi · 33d
The absolute state of America where we do not have this permission inherently. We shd not ask permission when it is our permission they must request. #pfs

@pkvi · 33d
Each vote is now merely a delay mechanism to stagger until the next worst generation becomes eligible. Feigning voting in our present environment is no longer a tangible solution. Trump-support gaslights nationalists like it is. Think more ancestral and demand something new. #pfs

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