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@pkvi · 7d
We have been here before and we shall again ..and again. The next natural step is painfully redundant --> but it must happen for men to move forward. Either war comes to us or we escort it to them. #pfs

@pkvi · 9d
A faith in a community to leave your door open or unlocked -is- country. Today we aspire for the next technology to further lock us down in our homes. We are no longer a country and shd not treat it as such. To have it again, we must segregate.. by agreement or war. #pfs

@pkvi · 16d
In my youth, ayh acknowledged the functional parity of teamwork, despite my aversion for it. A decade later, ayh wandered alone, aware of the insightfulness of solitude. For the last eight years, ayh have come to warrant that my exertion absolves me of my lack of want of entrepreneurship. Upon this apex, ayh reason that ayh must now work backwards to achieve not necessarily success, but rather to transition. #pfs

@pkvi · 16d
There is tremendous animosity in society today -- in every facet of life. So ayh thought ayd seek out something positive. Something that we all universally share as uplifting -- perhaps a television show, game or trend.
>long pause
There is nothing but darkness.
The board must be reset. #pfs

@pkvi · 18d
>proportionally optional
#CBDC will make it not-optional.
It will be automated.
Inarguable otherwise your money deactivated.
Raised on a propagandized whim.
It can not be stopped --
-- but we can segregate ourselves from it. #pfs

@pkvi · 21d
Stallone-esque: ..and ayh am the cure.
In my country we shall queue
0 foreign nor domestic embassies
0 foreign military bases
0 foreign black sites
0 foreign even lavatories
0 foreign wars
Corporations hate this trick, click here.

@pkvi · 23d
We celebrate celebrites who betray us for prosperity.
This must be temporarily suspended. #pfs

@pkvi · 28d
>self-amplifying (replicating) mRNA
Genetic engineering is here and CoHoax opened the door for discarding the moral delay. TPTB can not cling to the arrogance that they believe able to control the outcome. They are playing god and Mengele. They must be stopped --> #pfs

@pkvi · 34d
DEV 162-022
1. TVShow 8X15 X16 (bits) in post-
2. "MatBot" in coding (8X17)
3. "Annabelle" (TA) in dev-
4. Glue Gun Loader in dev-
5. TVS 8X18 --> X22 in pre-
6. pfs (tbd)

@pkvi · 48d
You may observe a swift decline in conspiratorial commentary as ayh simply no longer care --> not by dismissal, nor exhaution of ally obliviousness, but rather by coherence of what is necessary and what lay ahead. A course and destination has been plotted onto the charts --> secure the hatches. #pkvi #pfs

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