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@pkvi · 56d
You know when a joke runs on for too long
that then it circles back to being funny again?
>getting our money back

@pkvi · 59d
You can not unfuck the fucked. #pfs

@pkvi · 61d
Take this one with you as you go about your day. Law of averages can not favor this much linear sabotage without being coordinated. Peasants are losing bcz we are still negotiating the yes/no/maybe about it. -42.1 days (+/-1) lets go! #pfs

@pkvi · 63d
Unfriendly reminder that we have been at this for a long long long time. Late 1800's(g) was the modern opening salvo for today's elite corporate tptb globalist hegemony. Refuse any coward who acts fearful from the seemingly novel idea of a true peasants revolt. #pfs

@pkvi · 72d
>fuel rations by qr code
Our future of resource permission; monitored and authorized by someone other than you.
>want a vacation?
Lets see if aym allowed:
Nope, not until ayh work 12 more climate credits.
We can not stop this --
-- but we can segregate from it. #pfs

@pkvi · 75d
>garden hoses
Did not know how good we had it -
- or who we were (last of us).
It is not gone -
- just misplaced. #pfs

@pkvi · 78d
SITREP #118022
(2) TVShow eps in post-
(5) TVS in production
(3) engineering projects + TVS eps
(2) TVS in pre-
-59 days to PFS

@pkvi · 80d
Can we have both?
Is there a healthy consume-product collaborative with nature and culture? Things do inevitably evolve and people covet bcz classes exist -- and aspiration has one yearn for junk, toxic or otherwise. Can a median exist or are humans a throw-away event? Asking for a friend in my head. #pfs

@pkvi · 88d
America is a landfill - piles atop piles atop piles atop what was once a fresh plot of land. How you deal with landfills is by covering them over and planting a park. It is time to plant a park and start a new plot of land to pile upon. #pfs

@pkvi · 88d
We all need to stop pretending. #pfs

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