Arduino Bar Mat
...for a friend (also again) -'s brother.

Arduino Nano
(3) Momentary Buttons
Micro USB Female

1. Code is a mod of FastLED Demo100 (
2. Waterproofing was more water resistance with silicone and hot-glue covering exposed leads -- certainly no dishwasher tolerances. Buttons and jack will likely seep liquid tho proper drying may relieve issue -- for a time. Soaked usb jack and Nano w/in case in silicone.
3. Glassware bottoms are variant tho typically have a slight concave finish which requires minor elevation of 1mm above flexed rubber.
4. USB jack placement needs to compensate for how most bar mats sit depressed in to a counter track -- which explains the elevated position.
5. Button segregates the 5V supply to the Neopixel 5V --> the data is repeated to each drink module.

"...may not meet professional standards."
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