Flashing Light Prize (2) Rubber Ducky
Never...never going to give you up.
This attempt, how ever, shd have been.

Original project had intention of dispensing compressed air in bursts to disrupt the flow...I uh, do/did not have access to such spare equipment. I welcome another with shop to give it a shot.

Special guest hallucinated appearance by @RealSexyCyborg.
If (pause) only. One animal (human) was harmed in the making of this film.

1. Arduino Uno
2. Rubber Ducky
3. Servo
4. Vinyl Tubing
5. Water Fountain Pump
6. Exposed 120 Volts
7. 40W 120V Light Bulb
8. Salted Water
9. String

1. Meh.
2. Minor adjustment to the servo delay would have drastically improved the flash rate -- how ever, timing (space use) and operational alterations tested one's patience beyond the threshold of interest (see Notation 3).
3. Moving on...


21:57:24 114-017

"...may not meet professional standards."
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