Intellectual Fish Kit
Feed someone and tomorrow they will starve.
Clothe someone and next season they will shiver.

The missing abstract from charity in the third world is the lack of the development of core fundamentals to subsist and the ability to retain and adapt said information.

The premise is simple, provide the tools for every individual to create .. and wisdom will pursue. Some thing as simple as a student preserving notes that he or she can look back upon - to the complexity of a man in sub-Saharan Africa notating the gradient of a slope which leads to a hydration system and describing it to another who advances the idea - notes are preserved and dispersed - sharing knowledge.

Accomplished by supplies we find littered in bins at a dollar store.

In due time, we will petition you to travel to your local bargain outlet and purchase these specific goods (1), package them as described (2) and send them to a specific distribution hub (3) that will then apportion them to regions around the world that are in desperate need of human acumen. Then you will have the confidence in knowing that you ably lent a hand in not simply feeding or clothing a child but creating the means for an individual to endure by their own wits.

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