help page added
help link added
minor aesthetics (menu)
tags added to field placeholder

view counter removed
daily view counter removed
established date removed
daily miter counter added
miter edition added
delete counter.php
delete c_day.php
delete panels_miter.php
delete total.txt
delete day_date.txt
delete day.txt

local timezone removed --> utc/gmt only [beta]

[urgent] scr/miter.php leap year and doy updated [beta]

depreciate github

scr/replace.php change u_date to modified date

**273020** (ii)
bug fix --> scr/form.php /replace.php /miter.php

replace cor/archive.php with cor/tenons.php
update cor/atom.php
added sort (abc/date) to tenons/images/docs --> src/
added direct link to dat/ miter file (echo/iso)
added direct link icon --> but/
update index and style
update scr/miter.php (bug?)

added utc gmdate to miter.php (/dat file)

added upl/ img/ doc/ folder size --> settings
added 'mb' to folder size --> settings

changed maxlimit miter form to disable submit --> scr/

updated more_buttons now onclick insert miter form
updated style.css
added page load (seconds) in miter panel

added download usr/ pan/ ten/ in settings --> .zip

added download dat/ in settings --> .zip (ZipArchive)

killed dark mode
replaced icons --> png
~ style.css

**108020** [beta]
browser dark mode
new icons
~ cor/
~ scr/
~ but/
~ /

dirty form alert
~ scr/form.php
~ scr/dirtyforms.js
minor aesthetic
~ scr/menu.php

form dropdown button to include personalized add-ons
adds --> more_buttons files to scr/ + style and index
"more_buttons" bcz it will be mod later to adding buttons
note --> only chromium platform tested (not mozilla)

index.css to style.css
aesthetics (buttons, forms)

user.xml new install bug fixed

added floating "top" button for mobile (only)

updates to atom feed (beta)
a) second update to atom feed (beta)

added atom 1.0 feed (subscribe) cor/atom.php (beta)

killed contact form and contact settings

added expanding image crop onclick to feed
profile.php modifided
index.css modified

error quote green text
error pin green text
panel improvements
subscription being added
contact removed
style mods added

added textarea autosize.js
added/replaced placeholders to fields
added contact form --> [beta]
added twitter embed via twitframe

change user settings page
add contact form (scr/setting scr/contact_form index.css cor/panels)
urgent --> update index.php and user.xml --> add

minor code corrections
index.php cor/miter cor/panels

cor/archive delete bug fix
settings page update(s)
deleted scr/delete_archive.php
replaced scr/delete_miter_archive.php
updated tenon authoring

added greentext effect using > as symbol (4chan-ism)

character count if(mobile) on file/image/archive lists

repaired cor/pin.php hashtag error

added upload miter images to upload(s) src/
moved panel edit to name links
index.css styling updates

fixed scr/panels_edit.php write

panels are here!
removed cor/menu scr/menu_edit menu_write usr/menu.txt
replaced with panels (cor/scr/usr)
**Warning** back-up your menu.txt

critical update --> scr/miter.php
**Warning**: 24hrs must pass after update before new miters appear
profile css spacing change --> index.css

time zone scr/miter.php bug

profile panel added
avatar added
bio added
user.xml updated
index.php updated
styling updated
settings.php updated
settings authors updated
login updated

cor/style.php menu_border fix
@username in quote fix

File size to image/doc lists : scr/
Table layout image/doc lists : scr/
Aesthetic changes : index.css

Depreciated /total views/

Search pagination
Total view counter --> menu
Daily view counter --> menu

primary files to cor/
update index.php

Migration to GitHub from GitLab after having left GitHub (>_ლ)
Previous data lost.