On this day, one hundred and seventy four years ago, a boy was born to a wealthy stature.

Within days, all that he had yet to inherit would be gone.

A now diminished family must find their way across this sparsely explored open landscape to survive. After loss, and forgiveness, the boy finds a family and corner of the new world to call home.

Age wears deeply on a man in the mountains. A choice to live this life pushes one's senses to the brink, defying every margin life has come to distinguish. Inflicted by a lifetime of bereavement, he found solace in this evasion.

Below in the town of Silver Springs, a depot for supplies and faith, an internal war will no longer accede to his isolation.

This man's life, from beginning to end, and the legacy he leaves behind, will begin as a story written by his own hand and end by another's who will owe him her own life.

Morningside Screenplay (Registration Required)

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