The biology of curiosity in a species creates an uncertainty in evolution. Every action breeds a new series of branches towards the future. And yet, there are still those who believe that their lives may simply be defined within the boundaries of Earth. They will learn that chances taken by others...others that no human has ever encountered, will lead the greatest definition of their lives.

An unthinkable accident ignites an unthinkable war.

When confusion is abound by a series of events ushered by a mistake made within the stars, the human race will find unity in surviving an onslaught triggered by their own discretions. Heroes will arise. Civilizations will fall. And in hindsight, there will be great scrutiny for actions taken and an uncertainty of what remains.

Follow this epic series in graphic novella form as the war between the Earth and the stars is unleashed.


Writer - Vije Miller
Illustrations -
Colors -
Letterer - Vije Miller
Publisher -


Absense (Chapter One)
Ever since the dawn of human civilization, man has pondered the stars and yet a sad fate recognized is that life may never reach such distances. Yet with a tremendous explosion, fiery debris rains down on planet Earth and thus answers the greatest uncertainty of mankind. And in such distances, a desperation is felt as a recovery is commenced.

Follow (Chapter Two)
Engulfed in a wave of real time media, the world watches on. Unbeknownst to mankind, a now seemingly hostile race of creatures are gathering and as one assails another, perspectives are strewn and the leaders of the human race must swiftly decipher intent. Will a war be the only measure to ensure preservation?

Margins (Chapter Three)
There are those in hindsight who will question the acts of theirs and ours as reactions are triggered across the planet and without a single nod, a war is unleashed upon the stars. However, silence will instill the greatest of fears to mankind.

Once (Chapter Four)

Teitqaquine (Chapter Five)

Alize (Chapter Six)

Silo (Chapter Seven)

Sacrafice (Chapter Eight)

Divides (Chapter Nine)

Artist Sample(s)

Callista Cassady - Illustrator
Callista had joined this project in the Spring of 006 and due to complications on my part, she was unable to complete the illustrations for the first issue.

Sergio Curiel - Illustrator
Sergio is a tremendous artist, however due to some indifferences, Sergio is no longer participating with Progeny. Regardless, take a look at his gallery.

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