Storm in a Box (Maker Faire New York)
Per request .. assisting in (doing) the construction of a display project for IONYC and the Boys and Girls Club of Astoria for Maker Faire NYC. The original proposal was for a Raspberry Pi 'weather station' .. but seeing as 'weather' is not abundant at a booth in Queens, we (me) decided to bring the weather to the weather station.

(2) Arduino Uno
Raspberry Pi
Wind Vane
Rain Gauge
Adafruit Neopixels
Water Pump
12V Fan

Arduino Neopixels Lightning Code

1. Acrylic acquired from disposed picture frames. So .. so much waste.
2. Wind is windy .. stop being so negative pressure!
3. Deadline was this project's undoing; shd have dome'd.
4. Due to circumstances .. SIAB will be left to a third party to operate (?!) at MFNY


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