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@VijeMiller · 2h
"Many have theorized that the destruction of the Dome on the Rock would result in a third world war" .. immediately measures the air space between the Sepulcher and the Dome .. #Project47

@VijeMiller · 9h
America, land of the too much free .. free to the point that every one became distracted that free didn't mean free but rather free for a select few .. the founding few .. #FoundersPride

@VijeMiller · 11h
NY1 found random gun shots at an apartment building far less fascinating (7 seconds) than Michael Cohen maybe-possibly-potentially seeking a plea deal (4 minute segment). #MSM

@VijeMiller · 12h
A uh .. 'home'. Take notice that the majority of the largest homes in America are in the North-East .. which produces the least for America relative to Central or Western states.

@VijeMiller · 15h
Robots will need not physically restrain humans to rule over them .. but rather simply convey incorrect information that will corrupt methodology .. diminishing humans on their own .. bcz technology has become our shepherd.

@VijeMiller · 15h
The aerodynamic stresses from payload deployment at alternating atmospheres .. 50 says this thing ends up splashed on the sand like spilled milk. #Stratolaunch

@VijeMiller · 15h
Online shopping and subsequent returns exploited to serve people who are too lazy to personally examine size and fit (ex. apparel) is a needless burden to resources .. therefore businesses may not accept returns on undamaged apparel. #Gauhd #DOC

@VijeMiller · 15h
NYC is a psychologists masturbatory fantasy .. bcz you have every facet of arrogant-ignorance that it is often difficult to typically metric the like together.

@VijeMiller · 1d
[argh] If journals wish to reduce how far behind they are, they shd rather simply seek me out or read near any thing I have written years prior.

@VijeMiller · 1d
When unintentional accidents, pranks and ribs becomes unlawful .. our culture will become so sanitized that no one will touch, talk and think at each other. Why is she even interviewed? She fell down. Welcome to a 'success' in America. #EndAmerica