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@VijeMiller · 4h
Testing another feature reveal an html tag bug .. will resolve soonest .. mean while .. this doubles as a test for embedding link previews of title/desc .. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 11h
Residential Zones may not exist with in (2) kilometers of a commercial airport. No static occupancy building may exist where commercial air traffic is equal to 1,000 feet or less in altitude. #Gauhd #DOS

@VijeMiller · 21h
Problem with tolerating #NYC is that you can not venture to alter routine behaviors of the average mentally disabled NYer for fear it will so radically destabilize them that they will act out. Note: 'can not' is a trope.

@VijeMiller · 22h
Over-doing the fx (third nest) to compensate for the low quality of the photography and lighting. #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 1d
No person(s) may register for citizenship in #Gauhd with a 'body mass index' (BMI) of 28 or greater. Exceeded BMI as result of larger muscle mass may submit a dispute for review. #DOR

@VijeMiller · 1d
Tin-foil hat me bcz there really are some odd 'coincidences' of an abundance of persons of importance relative to the Clintons who met an untimely death .. recently two who were about to testify died in a house fire .. which is a common theme.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Year 1165 - "Today I slayed many in battle with sword, and we rose victorious!"
Year 2018 - "Today I fell down the stairs, stabbed my crotch, died."
Year 1165 seeing 2018 - " ... "

@VijeMiller · 1d
Once again further giving validation to my oft ridiculed intrinsic hatred promoting my intellectual prowess .. you ass holes!

@VijeMiller · 1d
Coming to Las Cruces Tim Hortons and try the new really really virgin olive oil self serve dip, available with guacamole and toast points.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Tasks at bat today -> #Miter button corrections + additions .. record audio for new #TVShow episode .. and visit a new (local) makerspace and print a project(?)