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@VijeMiller · 144d
One of #Project47 and #Gauhd's goals will be to circumvent our abuses of natural resources that are imperative to our health. Green is our favorite color .. it is even represented in our emblem and shall be defended regardless of human borders. #DOD
@VijeMiller · 223d
No member of the #Gauhd military will be required at any time to wear a 'dress uniform'. Uniform codes require only identifying patches and emblems. Uniform elements shall be at soldier's discretion providing not restricting nor endangering the wearer. CO discretion may be enforced. #DOD
@VijeMiller · 224d
#Gauhd shall not detain nor release any party who takes up arms against the state. Such an enemy (as they are to be solely identified) shall be shown no quarter; except if to serve intelligence gathering in detainment only. #DOD