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@VijeMiller · 10d
The accurate perspective of the 33% who wish to 'live abroad' is in fact 33% who wish to live in a new country that resembles their own culture. #Project47 #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 96d
Poo for thought .. toilet paper hung behind you results in longer pulls .. wasting paper. A sight and waste most common in hotels. #Banned #DOC #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 101d
Commercial net trawl fishing is banned and may be aggressively opposed in neighboring waters. #Gauhd #DOC
@VijeMiller · 140d
"Overdoses lead police to alleged Ocala drug house that had drive-thru window.." which is why people of the southern states are equally omitted from registering in #Gauhd. #MississippiBorder #DOR
@VijeMiller · 144d
One of #Project47 and #Gauhd's goals will be to circumvent our abuses of natural resources that are imperative to our health. Green is our favorite color .. it is even represented in our emblem and shall be defended regardless of human borders. #DOD
@VijeMiller · 146d
A key to properly sustaining a culture in this modern era is redirecting the notion of what a 'job' is .. by giving value to actual physical jobs and not imploring children to aspire to cubicle degrees. #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 146d
Finding accidental similarity between our (my) primary design for the #Gauhd Tribune and the Theatre of Pompey. Surrounding gardens as auxiliary for official conversation was also considered .. making this more so influential. #DOS #DOM
@VijeMiller · 146d
Sweden hearkening back to it's Viking roots of women being objects of desire, not quite people. The bright side is that now we are certain #Gauhd may have acquired the Swedish Bikini Team.
@VijeMiller · 150d
Online shopping and subsequent returns exploited to serve people who are too lazy to personally examine size and fit (ex. apparel) is a needless burden to resources .. therefore businesses may not accept returns on undamaged apparel. #Gauhd #DOC
@VijeMiller · 158d
#GauhdArchive .. aside from being a magnificent cathedral to data, history and nature .. will also be home to the most prestigious orchestra in our kingdom. Spare no expense.
@VijeMiller · 159d
There is literally nothing in golf that inspires you to treat the environment like you are at a drunken demolition derby in Oklahoma. No persons who has shout-cheered at a golf tournament will be permitted to register for citizenship in #Gauhd. #DOR
@VijeMiller · 170d
Note to self .. design a #Gauhd library slash museum .. as a centralized housing for all historical data and on-site reference .. but with a thematic twist. (ref. Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
@VijeMiller · 170d
The history of the rule of Britain is a fascinating study on land mass versus population management .. bcz despite the rather insignificant size of Britain .. to this day it remains unstable in unification. #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 170d
You successfully complete and thru testing, pass an automotive maintenance course before being permitted to obtain a driver's license. #DOR #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 179d
Drive-thru food or goods services are banned. (Note) The competition between idling pollution and resource consumption versus walking 20 steps to purchase food is no contest in an accountable society. #Gauhd #DOC
@VijeMiller · 179d
Motion (vibration) sensor vehicle alarms are banned. #Gauhd #DOC
@VijeMiller · 179d
If being "American" means having to be tolerant of all things .. then I choose to be a "Gauhd" .. bcz our kingdom asks not for blindness but rather for clarity. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 184d
Residential Zones may not exist with in (2) kilometers of a commercial airport. No static occupancy building may exist where commercial air traffic is equal to 1,000 feet or less in altitude. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 185d
No person(s) may register for citizenship in #Gauhd with a 'body mass index' (BMI) of 28 or greater. Exceeded BMI as result of larger muscle mass may submit a dispute for review. #DOR
@VijeMiller · 187d
Residential allotments will be divided in to no less than 50 meter by 50 meter square plots. Occupant structures must be no less than 20 meters from a corresponding allotment occupant structure. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 187d
Inevitable redundant #Gauhd decrees will be posted here on #Miter due to the previous archive having been replaced since conversion to XML .. for example ..
@VijeMiller · 187d
In a #Gauhd America .. "We shot a criminal, you are welcome." [ticker tape falls]
In this America .. "I understand and empathize with the community’s concerns .. "
@VijeMiller · 187d
Vern Unsworth is now entitled to expedited registration in #Gauhd. A hero .. doubled down. #ElonMusk -y odor.
@VijeMiller · 188d
Fair warning .. if #Gauhd shall exist and a person such as Sasha Baron Cohen were to conduct him self as such with in those boundaries .. any one would be forgiven for having killed him. It would be applauded by the #DOM.
@VijeMiller · 188d
Per decree .. restaurant food delivery is banned. Lethargy is a poison to the health of both individuals and a community. As well, the excess consumption of resources for your lethargy is inexcusable. #Gauhd #DOC
@VijeMiller · 189d
Per decree .. shd you witness some one texting while idling .. you are permitted to break no more than (1) window of the operator's vehicle w/o consequence. #Gauhd #DOJ
@VijeMiller · 190d
As with changing baseball format .. golf tournaments played in #Gauhd will be reduced to 2 days .. permitting the playing and support of more courses .. and perhaps reducing the degree of redundant boredom from an endless 4 days. #DOC
@VijeMiller · 193d
2/ Notated hypothesizing how one may achieve irrigating Baja .. bcz while rainfall is low .. temperatures are moderated by the ocean and gulf .. and with a proper dispersion of desalinated ocean water .. hypothetically dot dot dot. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 193d
Mapping the differing climates for estimating crucial populace residence .. while selfishly scouting a potential capital and residence. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 193d
We shall bring American baseball to #Gauhd .. with one significant alteration: 2 games per team per week for 16 weeks .. 32 game regular season .. best of 3 playoff and championship series .. possible 41 games per final series teams. #Decree #DOC
@VijeMiller · 195d
Landscaping sand and gravel shall be raked. #Gauhd #DS #DC
@VijeMiller · 202d
Any unprovoked crime on any #Gauhd citizen over the age of 65 will be escalated to permitting the punishment of death. #DJ
@VijeMiller · 202d
Caught my self nearly making the same mistake ... was about to begin another (again-again) page cataloging #Gauhd decrees relative to topical news stories ... knowing that the last 8 times results in frustration. So never mind this non-event of nothing occurring.
@VijeMiller · 205d
The sentence of 'execution' will be conducted by weighted drowning no less than 3 kilometers from the shore of #Gauhd ... to be carried out in no more than 50 days after sentencing unless other wise notated. #DJ
@VijeMiller · 206d
Farmers are an asset to the strength of a kingdom ... and will be rewarded with free land and tax point reductions relative to production yield. #Gauhd #DR #DC #DT
@VijeMiller · 207d
National Socialism with an Elective Monarchy ... in a nut shell. #Gauhd #Project47
@VijeMiller · 209d
'home invasion robbery' will be classified with murder and rape as a crime punishable by execution. The threshold of communal violation is exceeded when trespassing upon a residential property with intent to cause harm with out provocation. #Gauhd #DJ
@VijeMiller · 210d
No government held street side parking may allocate metered parking. Restricted; i.e. time limited parking is permitted. #Gauhd #DP #DS #DC