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@VijeMiller · 178d
NodeMCU and not an Arduino MKR1000 is inbound so #Jacob can be resurrected and we (me) can produce an actual engineering project of interest.
@VijeMiller · 178d
Ionic Sonic Heatic Fork #TVShow eps in post .. properly corn filled and moist. An actual engineering project (w/ #Jacob) will follow 2 to 3 eps later. #VKF
@VijeMiller · 191d
Jacob is going thru some growth changes whilst migrating platforms .. upgrading from the origin Windows XP .. so it's a leap. He will be making an appearance in a #TVShow soon-ish.
@VijeMiller · 222d
Coding a new #Jacob project for the lazy-ing of humanity. Abandoning #Arduino while definitely using Arduino IDE bcz .. shut up .. that's why. #NodeMCU